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CryBabyJerkins <3

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Don't Touch The Cookie Monsters Cookies!

This video is okay funny I mean the Ronald McDonald videos is the funniest.

-CryBabyJerkins <3

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Ronald McDonald HATES FLAPPY BIRD!!!

This video is so funny but, true Flappy Bird is such an annoying game in me opinion. WARNING if afraid of clowns or a.k.a. Ronald McDonald do not watch. I will say it is not that scary but, it may scare some people and langue is involved.

-CryBabyJerkins <3

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feeling better :)

havent had the urge to commit suicide in 3 days. thats a best. :)

i stopped being in emotional pain about 4 days ago...

so things are looking up.

im sorry i was so depressed and whatnot. :P

how are you guys? anyone i can help?

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So me and my ex-band members are meeting up on Sunday and going to an Ashestoangels gig. Idk I'm just sort of excited. About the gig too but also the prospect of the band starting up again. I won't lie - I am slightly scared. Just scared of getting my hopes up and then nothing happening with it - which would be a bummer considering how long I've been looking for a band and how much I want one. Oh well, we'll see.

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I love playing the guitar and singing and i'd really appreciate if some of you guys would check this partial cover of I'm Not Okay (I Promise) and tell me what you think?

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New dog, old tricks i guess

GOD JESUS FUCK! ITS NOT LIKE IM FORTY! IM SEVEN FUCKING TEEN AND I KNOW HOW TO WORK THESE THINGS! I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE! I FUCKING PREFER THESE! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! THIS IS WHY IM NOT HAVING KIDS! THE FIRST TIME MY KID PICKED UP AN IPOD NANO AND SAID "WHAT THIS" I MAY HAVE TO THROW SOMETHING AT THEM!!! I DONT GET IT! IM SORRY FOR THE ALL CAPS POST BUT IM FUCKING MIND BLOWN! BE GREATFULL FOR WHAT YOU'VE GOT DAM IT! I See kids always complaining about how there so bored or they dont want to do the simple task they do that used to be a lot harder than it is now! And i am 100% sure theres someone in there sixtys looking at me going, YOU MOTHER FUCKER WELCOME TO MY WORLD! And if you all want to keep yourself entertained watch the Teens React to Nirvana

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Spring Break

Does anyone else get into like a depressed/existential crisis mode when they have a bunch of time off? Like, I'm using my time mostly productively, but damn I feel down. I have the week off because of spring break, and I have a love/hate relationship with it because it's awesome but very bad for me. Huh.

How's everyone else doing? Feel free to talk to me if you need someone to talk to ^_^

May Death Never Stop You, Killjoys,

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oh sh1t!

sorry I haven't posted in ages, just moved house. I'm going back to school in like 5 days and i'm really nervous, it is really awkward between me and this guy because it all started last year when we both kinda had a crush on each other and it was all great, now this year, I told this other guy who is like a friend that I still had feelings for that guy. He told that other guy and the other guy really doesn't like me but for some reason I still like him. what shall I do?

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Time flies.

I haven't been to the community on this site in almost 4 years. It's been so long. My old blog posts were so dumb and ignorant. I'm glad I matured. Only thing that hasn't changed is that I still love this band.

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Simple conocido.

Hola de nuevo gente.
Estoy de vuelta después de mucho (y debo decir: muuuuuucho) drama en mi vida. La verdad no se ni por dónde empezar, pero que más da, lo iré contando a su tiempo. Hoy me he puesto a reflexionar un poco sobre la situación de una amiga y debo decir que se asemeja un poco a mi vida hoy en día, así que decidí escribir esta nota por inspiración suya.
Va dedicada para la hermanita menor que siempre quise pero que nunca pude tener (:


"Simple conocido"

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Today somebody asked me a really curious question that I have never thought about.
Which are your 4 greatest fears? I thought about it and this are my 4 fears
4.Darkness (as cheesy as it sounds)
So which are your 4 greatest fears?

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Ugh, I just forgot my first project:P
Besides that, I've decided I hate my music teacher. So, I'm in violin class, right, because our violin concert is in two weeks, but we have vacation in between. Well, my chorus/music teacher barges in and demands that we go to extra chorus practice, because our choral festival is also two weeks away. So, I stay in my seat and continue playing violin, because that was my first commitment. She is p.o.ed at me now:/ Seriously? Yesterday she made me miss library class, where we were going to work on the PowerPoint projects that were due today. Now my project partner, homeroom teacher, music teacher, and librarian are all mad at me. This is ship (not allowed to swear, btw)

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Hey ^-^

I'm just going to ramble on about my insignificant life. I apologise in advance.

1. I'm seeing R this weekend again (I saw him last Thursday). I'm excited but I don't know what's going to happen. We've been wearing this "close friends" label lately but there's been non-just-friends behaviour (does that make sense?) like cute attempted hand-holding in cinemas during weird films and half-holding onto my hand when we broke apart from hugging. That sounds so pathetic when I say it like that. I promise that it was adorable. Anyway, I'm not sure what's going to happen but there's been hints that things may develop further. I don't know. (All I know is that I love his grey eyes, I get high off his smell and I adore hugging him more than anything else right now. Whatever that means.)
2. Exams are coming up. Every single time I even say that word in my head, my chest tightens. I just need to put in the work so I can't feel guilty afterwards. I. Will. Be. Fine. BREATHE.

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if you wanna start a band, im in

its depends on distance though. I live in NJ. if there's anyone who lives nearby. a state away is fine. I can sing and play guitar and clarinet, if you're into that. im a little rusty though..... so hey my name is Lexi or Shadow, which ever you like I don't mind. ill be 18 in july. I don't have a car yet. my vocal range is from Andy Biersack deep voice to Kellin Quinn's high pitch. and I've always wanted to be in or start a band, so yeah.