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Helena cosplay

Hey hey everybody I'm thinking of doing a helena cosplay sometime. Any tips?

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Nice but ugly morning :/

Hey guys how is it going? I'm really mad because the school fired the best math teacher ever! It was just so unfair and everyone wants him back, It may sound kinda weird, but he was one mate for me and I'm really really disappointed and mad :(
But... my gf is back and I'm sooo happy because of that (love u Jo <3)
And the morning was nice too because I got some coffee :)

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30 day MCR challenge

Day 13: favourite era

absolutely Revenge

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I got bored

I accidently did the lips wrong amd ripped my birdes tail..... Anyways compatition!!!!!! Who ever come up with the best name for these gets uhhhhhhhhhh a big hug off of me(?) Lol

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Nobody reads these anywho: Add Title.

Lets go with the happy stuff first, shall we? I got the lead role as Elaine!! Like, holy shit, I never expected that! Now I've gotta kiss Hunter on stage **bleh XP** But hey, I signed up for it! Gotta deal with it now. Just hope my stage fright doesn't get the best of me during performances.
now the other shit. v v v
I've noticed that people who feel shit about themselves, tend to choose people they know will take advantage of them... Why is that? Why do we hurt ourselves so much? It's not physical, like cutting, but it is still a form of self-harm. Many of us don't even realize it, sort of like we don't realize our appetite diminishing, or that little feeling of sickness we get when we see food. Even if you don't realize it, you know you get this weird gut feeling. After so long of doing these things to yourself, you come to understand that feeling,...

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Does anyone else see it?

I noticed something different. I think recently it has been doing this. Sometimes the messages change font for a millisecond, then changes to the original font it has always been in, then disappears. Has anyone else seen this?

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Is it me or...

The messages' letters are becoming bigger and bigger? (I'm just asking because I'm very tired and maybe I just see things differently, but I wanted to know)

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30 day mcr challenge.

Day 13: Favourite Era
Revenge ATM it changes

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Had to make a new account once again -_- anyway I'm back, miss my baby girl MarianaMCR and I can't accsess my FB cause my phone being a retared anyway MAIL MEH

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U guys R so Damn Amazin

I love this site, i love reading everything u guys posts
there's a little of everything, 1- hackers, 2- Stories, 3- keeping that hope Alive, (this one is Inspiring
and I wish the guys would see how loyal u guys R) 4- the music and videos u post love them 5- the
comments 6- devotion towards MCR 7- realized how a group of people come together even after the breakup, u've become more and more that's sayin alot. MCR has no idea how much u FANS still Love them, U All R inspirational and Amazing, Keep being here u'll never know if they'll be back
but when they do, they will find out how devoted u've been, And that u guys never left them,

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Senior Fangirl

This is gonna be us in 50 years...
- Z

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brand new!

Hi everyone! I'm new and I just wanted to say hi and I am so happy to be part of the MCRmy this means so much to me

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new to the site

Hi everyone! I'm killjoysmakesomecriez (best name ever right?) And I just wanted to say hi!

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snow day well spent


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30 day MCR challenge

Day 12: favourite photo of Ray