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Three small words... little meaning to some
I love you.
only you? How much love can you give to one person?
and what to do with that love,
when it's rejected....
Broken promises and lies.
that's all I am.
And now that's what I've made you.
You were strong before.
Now I've ruined you.
I ask you to look at me.
You say you love me.
I believe it. I disregard the past
and I believe in your love...
because that's all I have
to keep me living here...
All I have to dim my urges for pain...

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Frank iero

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He won't

He won't talk to me

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Gerard way

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Nobody cares

I'm dying inside...nobody cares about anything or anyone but themselves...someone save me

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So confused

I'm bay May or may not b cheating on me...

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I'm so lost in this world.......

i dont even know what im doing.... i continued texting him..... he says he still loves me.... but i dont believe it.....not after the things that went through my mind.... but i told him i still loved him... im sorry.. im just always so insecure... so fucked up and insecure... and sorry.... i can never apologize enough for the shit i have put everyone in my life through.... i am so... so very sorry.... I told him this... he's read my journal... he's read some of the shit that goes though my mind during the day.... it's horrible.... and i will never be able to apologize enough for putting him through that.... subjecting him to my own house of mirrors.... i need some sleep now... this time without the possibility of an overdose on sleeping pills.... i need some natural rest... goodbye all... for now...

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To a vote!!!

Ok, so, I have the lyrics to my bands ep that we will release either late this year or early next. The track list is (in an undecided order):
1. Forgiveness over permission
2. Death row kings
3. Rusty bullets
4. Nightmares
5. I walk the line (Johnny Cash cover)
6. Lets host my funeral! (And don't forget the lights)

And were throwing up our album title to a vote guys! So, just say witch you like best and let us know! THANK YOU!

1. Don't forget the lights
2. Sleep
3. Time to say good bye
4. Wish the monsters away
5. Last call
6. Lets host a funeral

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Please help?

I did what you guys advised me to do..... I broke up with Aaron... turns out, the day he asked me out. we were sitting at the park WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!! And he asked me out RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!!! THAT'S FUCKED UP!!!! Oh, and then today. HA!! Today was fucking GREAT!!! can you sense the sarcasm from there? i was quiet and reserved all during school, then i started to smile a little cause of my friends. On the bus ride home, i sat with Aaron, I hadn't made up my mind to break up with him yet. A song came on the radio and i started crying... not a single person noticed. good, i guess? so i was back to being depressed.... We got off the bus and he walked a few steps ahead of me with his friend while i walked with mine. i walked in the middle of the street and when a car passed by i screamed ""FUCKING HIT ME!!! GO ON!! DO IT!!"" then i started to tear up and hugged Bri(my friend)... The boys kept walking, and i started to sob.. like, violent sobs that make your entire body shake.

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Friends (long ass rant) (also I need advice)

Hey funky party people, so my day we pretty crap but I hope yours was fabulous. Okay so to get to what I want to tell you guys I should probably mention that I'm pretty much socially inept and have always been that way, I grew up pretty isolated which means I haven't had a real best friend in my opinion like ever. So I moved to the town I live in now about a little over a year ago keep in mind people in this town are drastically different to what I grew up used to. On my first day of school last year I met a girl I'm not going to name so I'll call her C for now. We had a lot in common and I grew pretty attached to her, she's probably the closest thing I'd ever had to a best friend we went to concerts together and talked about fake penises a lot.

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A Taste of My Photography

Just thought that I'd share this cool picture I took while it was raining yesterday :) (ignore my tumblr watermark lol)

Jessie xoxo

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It Really Isn't The Life It Seemed

Hello everyone! I've been a fan of MCR for years, but only just now, thought it to be a good idea to begin blogging on this website. Maybe it's because for those years, I let the music speak, but now, maybe it will allow me to express some of my words in the open. As with many of you, My Chem saved my life; they were there in my darkest hour, and I still do not have words for how much they mean to me. I will always be thankful.

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annoying parents!!!!!!

omg my parents are totally fucked up. they are blackmailing me to do chores around the house or they will take my music away and I said to them if you take my music away then they will be dead to me and they still haven't got the message. gosh I feel like slapping them one. my parents just don't understand me and they never will. anyway that's my rant done. so how r you all. hows life going. hope everyone has a good week.

xxxx hannah

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What do u think.

This is stupid but I'm really tired of a friend for whom I've always been there, help her through hard times, and never NEVER had someting in return. I mean, I'd do anything for my friends but they normally appreciate it. But she acts like if it was me, MEE, who had to be glad of being her friend... She never tried to understand me, not even got a hug when I most needed or an "everything will be okay". And it was me who always stood up for her when the others had left her alone. And she knows it. And she also knows I always pick up people who are rejected or whatever and that I will always accept them. She only seems to focus on herself (I do it too but it's not always me !!!). We always have to do what she wants, if someone has a different opinion, we can't share it or even think about it. I feel that she's "stealing" somehow my best friend... and it's all like aaghh :(