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Saturday November 28, 2015
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

Hey guys! How are you doing?
So happy the site works again :) Never gonna take that for granted.
Recently, and very quickly, have become somewhat obsessed with Clark Gable. He's an actor born in 1901, died 1960. Was in Gone With The Wind and a shit load of other movies.

Saturday November 28, 2015
Posted by: Flight Risk

Does anybody have the links to them? I've found Mikey's and Frank's by accident, but I was just wondering if anybody has the links to the others? (If there are any?)
All the love,
Flight Risk x

Friday November 27, 2015
Posted by: InevitableNightmare

I can't believe there are people still newly joining to this site.
I swear I keep posting about how I'm going to start pposting more often but just end up forgetting and writing the same thing next year but I actually want to start posting again.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone new and old

Friday November 27, 2015
Posted by: Sofiehatesyou

Sooo... I've been having a crush on this guy for a while now but things happened and he's been acting really strange and rude lately... I don't even know if I like him anymore... It sucks not knowing what to do and not being able to control what you feel... :c

Friday November 27, 2015
Posted by: grcemeise

Has anyone listened to the new P!ATD song "LA Devotee" yet? I love it so much, I listened to it all night. It's so chill but exciting at the same time. <3 It was also cool to see them on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, even though they were only shown for like fifteen seconds. :/

G <3

Thursday November 26, 2015
Posted by: Acid Ghost

So, today I found Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, The Black Parade and Danger Days on eBay for the total cost of £10.34! (lol British) All three of them!!! I mean, I already have the virtual copies, but physical copies, oh man!

Wednesday November 25, 2015
Posted by: keiraizthebest

when you're tryna make an innocent entry and then you delete 2 paragraphs and it sTILL TRIGGERS THE SPAM FILTER so you just give up

Wednesday November 25, 2015
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

Ok so this is a more personal post. I just need to let some stuff out.

Ace and I have been dating almost 6 months at this point. And to cut straight to the chase, I love him. I have for a while but hadn't really told him. So we're texting and in the conversation he tells me he loves me.

Wednesday November 25, 2015
Posted by: grcemeise

We've got the rest of the week off from school because of Thanksgiving! I just bought The Umbrella Academy Dallas, so that should keep me busy for a bit. Other than that, my family is visiting so I get to see them, but if anyone else is vegetarian then you know the struggle of Thanksgiving dinner.

Wednesday November 25, 2015
Posted by: YakutaMaiko

My friend asked me to join his band recently and i kind of agreed .He sent me the setlist for a unpcominf performance for our school and then i requested a MCR song as well so he added Famous Last Words and ask me to be the singer ... I may die of excitement, happiness and nervousness.