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so i made this for my bimonthly exam :T what do you think?

“Nightmare #369”

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why is pain so crucial
so intense....
you are my snake,
and I your pray.
My breath comes short
as you wrap yourself
around me.
I am helpless to your touch.
you are my sin
the curse
from my demons.

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Why Won't They Leave?

There is always a haunting thought circling my head, not ever leaving, and always causing me pain and worry. The fact of why I accidentally hurt those I try most not to, why even when distancing myself from them, and after hurting them in the most painful of ways, they always come back. I tell myself that they didn't understand what I meant by distancing myself, that if I tell them they might go away, but it only causes them to get hurt even further. When I already hate myself for hurting those people I hold closest to my heart, the fact that they hate me for "leaving" them when I have always been a supporter to all of their dreams, and I always gave them advice from afar, it pains me. I hate to see people suffer and I will do anything in my power to stop the suffering of one man, even if I have to suffer in their place. To hear someone say those four words to me because I have distanced myself in hopes of it being for the better for them, to hear them say "I hate you!

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random question :D

If you're 20 can you be with someone that is 14/15? :T (me and my random morning thoughts x3) < it didnt posted at morning so im posting it now

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hey fellas!! sooo if you didn't knewwwww. Yesterday Gerard Way released his album "Hesitant Alien" and he maid a live stream from his studio showing us all the songs cx. well it was awesome!!!!

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Me again

Another pic for my bae

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This is for u bae (:

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Neighbors and anxiety

There are new people moving in next door... I get really anxious about this kind of stuff... What if they have a dog? (I have an outside cat, so that's scary) what if they play music too loudly, what if they don't like us? What if they hurt my cat? (years ago a neighbor killed one of my cats. I know. Awful) I know stupid things like this shouldn't upset me.. but it just freaks me out... Dx

I skipped classes today, I wasn't feeling well, now I wish I woulda gone... Ugh


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There is no one 4 me but u

I know u may be suspicious but I will tel u the truth
The only one I wanna b with is u
U make me feel alive
U r the one I want by my side
And I would never try to jeopardize

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My Halloween costume

Introducing lyndzi the shadowhunter
I got the pic off the web

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My cat wakes me up every morning by grooming my hair. I now have a cow-lick (Cat-lick XD) in the front of my hair... Does anyone else's cat do that? XD He is a little pain in the butt, but I love him. :3
His name is Jackson. He is massive. And dumb, but I love him. ^__^
Hope your days/afternoons/evenings are going well. :)


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I Don't Know

Sooo my gf broke up with last night...and it sucks because today was going to be our 4 month anniversary. God this sucks. Well time to listen to "Sleep With One Eye Open"-BMTH, So long...and goodnight.

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He is mad

I made him mad ):

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Songs I'm obsessed with

How to save a life- the fray
Disengage-suicide silence
Lost it all- black veil brides
Helena- mcr
The black parade- mcr
Smells like teen spirit- nirvana
Not good enough for the truth in clique- escape the fate
When ur gone- Avril lavigne
And so much more