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I want to leave this country so badly

I can't wait to just graduate from school and move out of this country. Literally this country is full of sexist, racist, closed minded people. Like seriously a girl walking around wearing shorts and people are judging her, a girl and a guy go out together as friends and people say that the girl is a slut and the guy is a player. A woman marries a guy that is not from the same place as the woman and their judging her and don't like to be seen with her. And 11-13 year old girls are dating like 17 year old guys and when an 11-13 year old girl dates a guy the same age as her, her friends make fun of her boyfriend saying he is a kid, like excuse you but he is the same age as you. And i see like 20 year old pedophiles flirting with children, that is disgusting.

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30 day MCR Challenge

Day 6: Favourite song from Danger Days
Planatary or Sing or destroya IDEK

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*sighs in relief* finally, I catch a break

Life is finally starting to turn around for me. My boyfriend (don't tell my mom that I call him that) is seeing that what I say about my mom isn't just bullshit that I spew when I'm upset (not like he didn't before, but now he's felt her wrath firsthand). My best friends are telling me to live my life for me and not her and my dad. I've gotten into counseling for my depression after years of begging for it. Honestly, this is the happiest I've been in months. I'm living for me for the first time in my life. And it's the best thing I've ever done. And my mom doesn't have to know about what I do anymore. I'm so fucking happy.

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Karma Police bitches!!!

Wooow I'm SO happy. Like four or three days ago, some bitches nearby my house started like yelling things at me and throwing all this... shits. Literally dog shit. Like for a month they have been watching how I go from my home to an abandoned park on my skateboard listening MCR and Mettallica and Muse and all those, so they said it was gonna be funny experimenting with me, so yesterday I was coming back from the park to my house, and I think they litterally wanted to kill me, 'cause they came out of the nowhere and pushed me against some rocks. They were like punching me. I was startung to punch back, when one of the girls lost balance and ended up in the middle of the highway. And a car was coming. Sooo she broke her feet 'cause the car crushed her foot. They all were REALLY scared and left me alone. And I like that. So eat that you bitches!
P.S: I'm full of bruises :b

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A feeling of insecurity
is something many people have.
Be it School and Friends,
or Image and Food.
We can be insecure about
Looks, Thoughts, Feelings.
It all matters to a world
that really shouldn't care.

I don't know.... Sudden inspiration to write..... I fucked up today. Bad. I felt so insecure, and it pissed me off..... I couldn't control it, and I started to crack. My anger seeping through for all to see... My hatred of myself reflected in their eyes, and I wanted to punch it out. Because of that, I probably lost a few "friends" today....... great...

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30 day MCR challenge

Day 5: favourite song from Parade

I don't know. I really love all of them. Sometimes I love Dead! or Welcome To The Black Parade. Sometimes I love House Of Wolves

Maybe I just love Welcome To The Black Parade. I don't know why but it cheers me up and it doesn't even make me sad anymore

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30 day MCR Challenge

Day 5: Favourite song from Parade?
Hmmmm idk I love them all so let's go with Teenagers!!!

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Im Back Lovelies!

Hello my beautiful killjoys! So I haven't been on here in oh so long and I missed you all so fucking much you don't even know. I promise I had reasons for my absence, but I'd rather not get into that. The main thing is that I'm here, at least for now <3 so how is everyone? Doing well? to those of you who I used to message before I left, Im extremely sorry. I should've at least said goodbye but I've never been very good at that kind of thing.. and in the end I'm here again. Hope you are all doing amazingly <3 and to anyone who doesn't know me or is new, HEY! I'm killjoys-never-die and feel free to message me anytime <3
Stay strong

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30 day MCR challenge

Day 4: favorite song from Revenge

Helena or The Ghost Of You

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30 day MCR Challenge

Day 4: Favourite song from Revenge
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
Wow that was difficult to pick

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hmmmm :/'s my dad's birthday so happy birthday dad. I will try to smile for him tonight when we are bbq.

What about you guys?? Guys?? Or girls?? Or ladies?? Or zombies??

~I am not afraid to walk this world alone~
~I am not afraid to keep on living~
~I am not afraid to take a stand~
~I am not afraid~

Stay beautiful..

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headfirst for halos

so im jus here lisnin to headfirst for halos n im like hmmm its very much bout drugs :)
the red ones make me fly - pills
the blue ones help me fall - pills
fall on your toung like pixi dust - sniff
and we will fly high - high on drugs
well im gonna think bout mcr next time i get high ;) lol

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30 day mcr challenge

Day 1:

Favorite album: conventional weapons

~~~ Killjoys Never Die

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Hey beautifuls

I am feeling a bit bored and lonely and wanna talk to someone right now. I'll have Sid to help me be insane and smile and happy so that no one will get bored or tired by my moodiness and gloominess and melancholy. He also wanted me to share our kik eventhough I haven't been using it a lot it's sidhaven if you want to talk on kik.
Stay happy!

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Hullo c:
I haven't been on in a long time >< and I need friends. Why not let us be friend c: Send me a message >u< I used to get on all the time, but then things happened and yea. I miss being on here. This is really short, but I'm in a hurry, so it'll get long. Not sure if that's bad or good but yea. I shall leave my kik c: it's bluexdog tell me who you are please >u<
Byyee c: