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Friday March 27, 2015
Posted by: spiderbullet

All the planes going down recently have me worried as I travel somewhat frequently. My thoughts go out to all the victims.
Anyway, tomorrow I'm supposed to board a flight fairly early in the morning, but its going to be snowing at my destination, so it might get cancelled, but I really hope it

Friday March 27, 2015
Posted by: piericngthechemicals

So today my mother and I decided to go wandering around a hella music-savvy store area thing and we went into one of the record stores called recordland and they had Bullets for only $15CAD?!
Long story short, i now have a physical copy of Bullets, a 2010 MCR special AP issue and a Supernatural

Friday March 27, 2015
Posted by: MarianaMCR

Hey guys! I've miss you all and I miss MCR too. So ca someone tell me how does talk MCRmy works? Thanks :)

Friday March 27, 2015
Posted by: transmikey13

Today, it has been 2 years and 5 days since the breakup. We all need to appriciate the band that they were, the music we still have and get over the breakup. They are not coming back, we need to move on,


Friday March 27, 2015
Posted by: mcrnut_89

Today i have done a spring clean, and i feel good about it.
Anyone else get that fresh feeling when they have done it? lol, could just be me....i have the windows wide open to let in fresh cool air, re-fresh the flat, and a yankee candle burning :-)
cleared out some bits and its looking alot neater

Friday March 27, 2015
Posted by: hesitant_hairdye

Okay all I wanted to say is good morning. I thought I lost a check for $60 today, but I didn't, so that's good. I have a test in science today and instead of studying, I played Sims 3 on my Wii last night. Uhoh. So here I am, back in advisory, though I did not watch LOTMS last night.

Friday March 27, 2015
Posted by: Peroxide Parade

Look alive, Killjoys. Just wanted to wish you all a lovely day, in case you haven't been wished one yet. I have Destroya stuck in my head, by the way. I accidentally had it playing on full blast when my mother came home yesterday. Whoops. I don't think I have to explain how awkward that was. :)


Friday March 27, 2015
Posted by: Clare.The.Killjoy

I'm about to get on the plane to get to a lacrosse tournament. I was bored so I came on here
Kik me- Clare_jm

Thursday March 26, 2015
Posted by: Sebastián_MCR

omg xD sorry for that much posts, i swear my Htc one is a jerk sometimes. I still love him :3. anyways! I just got accepted on my favorite high school and im sooooo happy! If anyone wants to talk ill be on kik and Tumblr :p
stay classy San Diego

Thursday March 26, 2015
Posted by: frnkyourdeath

okay so all that stuff about mcr getting back together is making me sad bc franks tweet like ok kill me then