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Thursday June 16, 2016
Posted by: asmithwrestling

i wish my chemical romance would reform and come back i miss them so much

Thursday June 16, 2016
Posted by: Charbarmanning

I have to study for science, maths, English, drama, French and a couple of other weak tests but many of there are really important because they are for my GCSEs and some are like 30% of my grade. Some are mocks, some are official and some are just to test how much I know. IT'S ANNOYING!

Wednesday June 15, 2016
Posted by: Frnks_Crybaby

Generally, I haven't actually posted on here. The 'community' doesn't seem very active at all.. I'd only just joined, so I have no clue how active it was before. But the sense of quietness kind of scares me. I don't want this community to be forgotten.
Lately I've been rather stressed.

Wednesday June 15, 2016
Posted by: theneonparade

Hey what's up you guys? (Yeah. Total shane intro. I'm not even ashamed.)
I haven't blogged in about forever. So, starting off - I hope you all are having a great time doing whatever you guys have been doing in life in the past month or two since I've been on, lol. If not, ***hugs***
Another thing I

Tuesday June 14, 2016
Posted by: Psycho Exploit

now that Summer's here, and I'm not in school, I just sit in my room obsessing over the emo trinity (is the emo trinity even still a thing XD). Is this a bad thing?

Monday June 13, 2016
Posted by: tiana11

Weather's fine now everybody. There was just some heavy wind and rain for about a half hour. The thunderstorm came right over us but the tornado I think went to a rural area. I was initially going to post about something that's been bothering me for awhile before all that happened.

Anyway, I don't

Monday June 13, 2016
Posted by: tiana11

Guys I'm a little freaked out right now there is a tornado for several miles away from where I live but it's heading north east and I'm really scared that we're gonna get hit and my dad isn't home and my my two closest friends (one of them is my boyfriend) are at work and I'm not with them and the

Monday June 13, 2016
Posted by: SLAlienBassist


I know lately a lot of bad things have been happening and I know that some of you on this site are not entirely happy so here is a compilation of funny MCR pictures. I hope they brighten your day at least a little!


Sunday June 12, 2016
Posted by: lostn'foundagain

I love you. You are loved by so many. With all this needless death right now, especially during pride month, everyone should hear that they are loved and cared about. If you are a part of the lgbtqa+ community, I am so proud of you. Out or not.

Sunday June 12, 2016
Posted by: Killjoyz-make-s...

Hey hi hellooo.

I know I haven't been on here much lately and for that I'm sorry. A lot has been going on lately and sometimes I don't have internet and stufFrank so yeah.

I'm really heartbroken about all of the needless death that has happened and it's making me really sad so I'm kind of taking a