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Monday May 02, 2016
Posted by: The Professiona...

So I went into the blue ridge mountains yesterday... That's all I did over the weekend... Monday so far: people keep bullying my brother so I'm yelling at them... Im in trouble for yelling but oh well

Sunday May 01, 2016
Posted by: emma-is-weird

I think this week I'm going to try and be less worried about myself and how I look when I'm around people. I don't know how that's going to work though.

Sunday May 01, 2016
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

do you guys know of any good fanfics that ARE NOT INAPPROPRIATE AT ALL and preferbly shorter (one shot/up to three chapters) and mcr/fob/p!atd/the used based. i want to read fanfic at my program but need it to be clean
also, as blue burns black pointed out, in my last blog when I said ED I meant

Sunday May 01, 2016
Posted by: Mikeys Unicorn

Sooooooooo, I've been always bullied because of my uni-brow so I decided to plucked it and I begin the dumb ass I am . . .

I over plucked it, I over plucked my fucking eyebrows even If it's not bad, I don't know why I'm making such a big drama about it, It's not the big deal but I've always been

Sunday May 01, 2016
Posted by: joesenmupie


Sunday May 01, 2016
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

hey killjoys,
just got up. had a pass yesterday. went to mall and hung out at home, but now i'm back at the program.
miss you guys. miss my group chats on kik I can't open. and the ones I can only go on sometimes on gmail.
I feel like I'm making progress with my ED.

Sunday May 01, 2016
Posted by: neon heart

I was at a weekend break which is why I didn't blog as much guys I apologize however this website and a phone do not go well together :P

Anyways we spent 3 days in a hotel and it was great!

Saturday April 30, 2016
Posted by: Bethisameme

Hey does anybody watch Dan and phil? They are youtubers

Here are there things



Saturday April 30, 2016
Posted by: grcemeise

Things that have happened since last time I posted:

-my hair is still red. going black in a month or so
-cosplayed party poison and jade harley for tora-con. gerard liked my cosplay on twitter :)
-met todd haberkorn, bryn apprill, and clifford chapin at the con
-a girl dressed as asuna from sword