My Chemical Romance Community Feed en This Site Continues Giving Me False Hope. <p>So each time I log on I get the little message saying that I have a friend request waiting and I get excited like "yay someone wants to be friends!!!" but then I get this.</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 21:19:56 +0000 skellington01 2821556 at Question Challeng from Danny3.O <p>1.Favorite music genres (2)<br /> Rock and Pop Punk</p> <p>2. Favorite bands (3):<br /> My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco</p> <p>3.Favorite songs of the above bands<br /> (1 each)<br /> I don't have all time favourite songs, but my current favourites are The Light Behind Your Eyes, 20 Dollar Nose Bleed and Nicotine (although there are a lot of songs that are very close)</p> <p>4.First time you heard them.<br /> The songs or the bands ? If it's the band's then MCR was late 2006, FOB was 2008 (I think) and Panic! was 2009-10 (I think)</p> <p>Annnd......</p> <p>5.Favorite actor/actress.<br /> Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter</p> <p>6.Favorite movie they've been in.<br /> Sweeney Todd for both</p> <p>7.First time you watched the above movie.<br /> Years ago (Not sure but it was a long time)</p> <p>Annnnd finally....</p> <p>8.Favorite youtuber<br /> Patrick Stump !</p> <p>9.First and favorite video of theirs<br /> First - New Jack Swing A Cappella Medley<br /> Favourite - This City ft. Lupe Fiasco</p> <p>10.Reasons you love "said-youtuber"</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 19:11:25 +0000 KilljoysNeverDie 2821551 at Question challenge <p>1.Favorite music genres (2): rock and post hardcore<br /> 2. Favorite bands (3): My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens<br /> 3.Favorite songs of the above bands<br /> (1 each) Famous Last Words, Perfect Weapon, Do It Now Remember It Later<br /> 4.First time you heard them.<br /> My friend introduced me to my chem. I listened to Helena first and instantly fell in love with the vid and the style. My other friend told me I might like black veil brides in eighth grad when I started to dress like a goth. I loved Andy's deep voice and the darkness of the band. I found sleeping with sirens when I was browsing YouTube. I clicked on the vid for Do It Now Remember it Later and loved Kellin's randomness and good looks. I was amazed at how high he could sing.<br /> 5.Favorite actor/actress. Johnny Depp<br /> 6.Favorite movie they've been in. Nightmare Before Christmas</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 15:22:17 +0000 mcrforlife78 2821546 at Wanna talk? <p>So does any body want to chat?</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 12:44:16 +0000 Danny3.O 2821541 at I have a keen eye for weird. <p>So am I like the only one here trying to hold in feels from what's going on in the fandom?</p> <p>So me and a friend were just talking yesterday on tumblr about how shit is crazy. Incase you didn't know, here's what's trending in the MCR fandom;</p> <p>-Gerard's phone is haunted.<br /> -Frank is dropping hints about the weighted video<br /> -Ray Toro's car is EPIC<br /> And...<br /> This is old but ....<br /> -HOLY SHIT MIKEY WAY TWEETED IN RUSSIAN!! I'm so proud!!</p> <p>So yeah...<br /> Thoughts?</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 12:24:46 +0000 Danny3.O 2821536 at Stay alive for me, please. <p>So hey my friends! Today I took a day off school and I've been trying to catch up with most of what I've been missing like drawing, writing,discovering and listening to some music and ofcourse, trying to keep the MCrmy alive, so.....</p> <p>I've got a little challenge/ questions thing for ya to try out;</p> <p>1.Favorite music genres (2)<br /> 2. Favorite bands (3):<br /> 3.Favorite songs of the above bands<br /> (1 each)<br /> 4.First time you heard them.</p> <p>Annnd......</p> <p>5.Favorite actor/actress.<br /> 6.Favorite movie they've been in.<br /> 7.First time you watched the above movie.</p> <p>Annnnd finally....</p> <p>8.Favorite youtuber<br /> 9.First and favorite video of theirs<br /> 10.Reasons you love "said-youtuber"</p> <p>Yeah, so here you guys go.<br /> I'll probably try this out later on but first I wanna see you guys' results.</p> <p>Lots of Love,<br /> Li.</p> <p>Oh PS:<br /> Who else is loving Gee's tweet greetings in foreign languages?<br /> Yesterday I saw his greet-tweet in russian (Privet!) and I fangirled pretty hard.</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 11:34:17 +0000 Danny3.O 2821531 at i got bulletproof heart ,you got a hollow-point smile <p>hi everyone! i'm new with this site,just knew this from gerard's bio on twitter ,so i'm sign up the way i'm killjoys,mcrmy from excited right now to join mcr community acrros the's very kind of you all to add me and send me a message cause i'd like to make friends with mcrmy and we can share and talk about mcr as often as possible.thanks :) !!</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 10:06:05 +0000 sabrinsfr 2821526 at Gerard's New Selfie <p>Is anyone else kinda creeped out by Gerard's selfie? His eyes are all black e.e</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 07:48:30 +0000 Wuthefudgecake 2821521 at Double the fanfiction!!! <p>Hey guys. Another blog in one night. Im going to make another fanfiction. This One is a Killjoy one. Some of you have read my fanfiction about the killjoys a fea trata ago(two years ago).<br /> Its about a tren girl who runa way from Bat City when she was a little girl. Her mother was a prostitue and her father was never in her life. Poisen was fixing the car then he herd a crash and rattling sound from the trash. He serĂ¡ her and helps her.<br /> Shes a wanted girl in Bat City for shop lifting, stero to loud, punching her pimp and not pleasing her custamers. The guys dont seem to like her cuz she is a run away and a prostitue. But moter baby a.k.a the girl has a close bond with her. The Killjoys are in for a wild ride.</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 07:22:28 +0000 Punk-Princess Luvs U 2821516 at Destroya Pills chapter 3 <p>Gerard entered the Lope Lounge doors with his hood of his pullover covering his face. He saw Frank and Jamia sitting five tables on the right of the doors. He walked up to there table and said hi to the both of them.<br /> " Hey man!" Frank smiled and hugged Gerard.<br /> " Sup man. So how is your night going?"<br /> Frank said to Gerard that is was great. Frank mentioned someone was looking for him.<br /> " All this girl gave me was this half napkin. She had a black hoodie. I did't get a good look at her but she said to call her right away. I don't know who she is but she said to call her."<br /> Gerard took the half napkin and went to the nearest phone booth. None of the booths were working so Gerard asked if he could used Franks cellphone.<br /> "Sure man. Here ya go."<br /> Gerard called the number of the napkin. He waited for a few seconds until someone answered the phone.<br /> " Hello. Is this Gerard Way?"</p> Wed, 30 Jul 2014 06:08:24 +0000 Punk-Princess Luvs U 2821511 at