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Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: Cherry Blade -k...

Okay so like my computer mouse is not working. Long story short im having a severe panic attack and my arms and legs are tremble and covered in blood
Does anybody know how to activate a windows 7 computer mouse? I tried to batteries an it doesnt work and it doesnt have a light.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: TheNewFaceOfFear

The b-sides from The Black Parade are so good damn

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: Gerardopoly

I had to go to the doctor a while ago. There's been a lot of weird things going on with my heart lately, and it's been getting worse. They had to pull blood so they can do some testing. I really hate blood, so needless to say, I almost passed out.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: killjoys-almost...

Today is Tuesday February 9, 2016.
Last month, my family and I looked at new house that rests on top of a mountain far from anyone (besides the guy who lives in front of said house) and is surrounded by woods that stretch on for a good while.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: _Quietly_Bleeding_

Today is a bad day already, why does my best guy friend have to be such a dick. He has been ignoring me for three weeks already. I just give up, he probably doesn't want to be my friend anymore. I should've known this would happen because I'm the most boring and socially awkward person ever.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: itsdestroya

Hello everyone, I'm new here!
Is there anybody who comes from Italy?

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: dead-on-arrival

So I was listening to I Never Told You What I Do For A Living on my way to school and I realized that the last line is "and we're all dead now." I found it interesting because that's the last line of the whole album of Three Cheers, and the next album was the Black Parade where they all really were

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: Itxx_xx

Hey guys I just wanted to say hi and well hi. I am currently in school right now and in my theater class and all I am doing is playing Undertale and can't pass one specific part of the game but I am trying to pass it so bad.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: Charbarmanning

Yeah, I need to start my French and my maths and check for any other homework. I've been sat here on talk and here. I will probably move over to homework after this as most days I start my homework after lunch. It's currently quatre to 2 pm and I haven't had any food since 10am. I'm hungry.

Monday February 08, 2016
Posted by: Killjoyz-make-s...

So my day went surprisingly well?? I'm confused. Life, what are you planning against me for tomorrow?!?!

How did yours go? <3

~Killjoys, make some noise~