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15(or maybe 16) years ago was born an amazing girl who has grown up now and she becomes one of the toughest person i've ever known.she is also an amazing MCRMY who loves every single one of you guys ,so send your all love back and spread her with your'll make her feel special,even more so !!

the birthday girl : KILLJOYS-NEVER-DIE


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Disappearing off this site

I'm going to delete my account...):
What's the point if HE doesn't love me?
Answer back bae ):

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Does he still love me?

Got a very weird message this morning.. Not a breakup message but something worse...
And I ask u this bae
): heartache

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So is there anyone out there willing to fangirl (cant believe I just used that) over X men with me? Anyone?
I just watched Days of future past on Sunday and LLLOOOVVEED It.
So now I can only think about how I fucking love X men and how Im excited for X men apocolypse. Only that its coming out in 2016 annnnndd I'm uber pissed that they cast Channing Tatum as gambit....
Really? Channing tatum? No..just, no.
They should've kept taylor kitsch (I dont know if thats the spelling).
Annnndd theyre gonna recast storm, jean and scott....
Why???!?? I mean, I dont care for jean because I always got this arrogant vibe from her, but storm??!?
Not to mention scottt??? Of all mutants???
I love James Marsden....
*Sigh*, but atleast the nrw actors in first class and days of future past are AWESOME!!! I really like them.
Especially Erik and Charles...

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so i made this for my bimonthly exam :T what do you think?

“Nightmare #369”

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why is pain so crucial
so intense....
you are my snake,
and I your pray.
My breath comes short
as you wrap yourself
around me.
I am helpless to your touch.
you are my sin
the curse
from my demons.

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Why Won't They Leave?

There is always a haunting thought circling my head, not ever leaving, and always causing me pain and worry. The fact of why I accidentally hurt those I try most not to, why even when distancing myself from them, and after hurting them in the most painful of ways, they always come back. I tell myself that they didn't understand what I meant by distancing myself, that if I tell them they might go away, but it only causes them to get hurt even further. When I already hate myself for hurting those people I hold closest to my heart, the fact that they hate me for "leaving" them when I have always been a supporter to all of their dreams, and I always gave them advice from afar, it pains me. I hate to see people suffer and I will do anything in my power to stop the suffering of one man, even if I have to suffer in their place. To hear someone say those four words to me because I have distanced myself in hopes of it being for the better for them, to hear them say "I hate you!

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random question :D

If you're 20 can you be with someone that is 14/15? :T (me and my random morning thoughts x3) < it didnt posted at morning so im posting it now

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hey fellas!! sooo if you didn't knewwwww. Yesterday Gerard Way released his album "Hesitant Alien" and he maid a live stream from his studio showing us all the songs cx. well it was awesome!!!!

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Me again

Another pic for my bae

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This is for u bae (:

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Neighbors and anxiety

There are new people moving in next door... I get really anxious about this kind of stuff... What if they have a dog? (I have an outside cat, so that's scary) what if they play music too loudly, what if they don't like us? What if they hurt my cat? (years ago a neighbor killed one of my cats. I know. Awful) I know stupid things like this shouldn't upset me.. but it just freaks me out... Dx

I skipped classes today, I wasn't feeling well, now I wish I woulda gone... Ugh


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There is no one 4 me but u

I know u may be suspicious but I will tel u the truth
The only one I wanna b with is u
U make me feel alive
U r the one I want by my side
And I would never try to jeopardize

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My Halloween costume

Introducing lyndzi the shadowhunter
I got the pic off the web