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im bored kik me pls lmao its copelandwolf786

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Summertime (cover) by My Chemical Romance

Requested by Miss Z Chevy (not actual real name but thought it sounds like a cool nickname for her). To her, I tried my best to cover this song like a getaway song it was. The acoustic version of this from the legends is much, much better of a getaway song for you. Nevertheless, please enjoy and leave me a feedback, please and thank you.
Stay beautiful. :)

PS: It's downloadable, too. :P




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Wow, first blog of many.

Hey guys! First blog and I'm super excited!


God, I don't wanna be sick and disgusting

posting under this name because I LOVE THIS SONG


feeling better.

id like to thank everyine who commented on my outbust.... im sorry for exploding. i couldn't take it anymore. it was eating me you all so very much. :*

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you'll probably think I'm awful

For a long while, since the band first started they have been my inspiration. I have grown to the person I am today with their help, growing up with someone around makes it hard to let go. My chemical romance and all that they stand for, they help me through when things get bad, if I feel like I'm never going to achieve, when I feel as though my own band will never get anywhere...all I have to do is look at them. Their road to success was a long one, at times a painful one, and its the same for me. For me, when they broke up, it felt like a family member had died. But I continue to enjoy their music, continue to be in awe and admiration of the legend they left behind. I feel like this community (although I only managed to get myself to join today) is the only place where people will understand how MCR effected me, how they made me love each one of them. So here it is guys, my first ranting blog. :D

Carry on MCR family.


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jared let cut his hair off!!!!

I love it <3

Suicide Squad’s David Ayer posted it

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Never have i ever seen this message on here:

i have never see this message. ive seen do it now and do it loud. and then i saw keep running and others i cant remember but i didnt know this one pops up.

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Guitar StuffZ!!!

So i got a shit ton of guitar crap this saturday. I got an epiphone SG, four guitar stands, some picks, and strings. It all added up to about $240. (Including tax) and Im waiting for it to be shipped now. CANT WAIT! Hoping they come (At least the guitar) before friday because the schools student staff game is friday and i play guitar for the basket ball games and would like to have it before than.

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remember every snowflake is different just like you

just remember you a snowflake mky

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remember every snowflake is different just like you

just remember you a snowflake mky

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How To Save A Life (cover) by The Fray

Hey, beautifuls. I just uploaded a new cover on soundcloud earlier, so please do listen to the cover and give me love and a feedback. You can also download the song and other songs on soundcloud (they're frrrrrreeeeeee~). :)
I planned to do a music video of it--something more visual and more storytelling. If you have some ideas for the music video, please let me know your idea and we may make it happen. :D

Anyway, please enjoy the song and stay beautiful!

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Gerard Way in Japan

February 17th, 2015 was the day I saw Gerard for the first time. His concert was in Akasaka, Japan. The venue was small, and nobody was desperate to get first row, so somehow my friend and I got second/third row. When I saw Gerard, tears started to flow out of my eyes. I'm not the emotional type, but I cried a LOT when he mentioned New Jersey and not going back to his hometown for a long time.

He also talked about how he started MCR. He said, "When I was..." and he paused. I'm sure he wanted to say "a young boy" but he didn't want to make his audience sad and emotional again over MCR. He paused for five seconds before saying, "a kid". He mentioned MCR a couple of times, and I cried when he sang the Piano Jam.

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I met Frank Iero last night.

My sister and I saw Modern Chemistry, Homeless Gospel Choir, and Frnkiero andthe Cellabration in Cleveland last night and it was amazing. For one, if you haven't heard of Modern Chemistry or Homeless Gospel Choir, I highly recommend it. MC is your classic punk rock band and HGC is satiric acoustic numbers.

Now about the Cellabration. After HGC did his set, we all waited a good 20-30 minutes for everything to get set up, but once they came on and went hard into "All I Want is Nothing", the crowd went nuts (including me). The second song they did was "This Song is a Curse", which was amazing. He and the band went through the rest of the setlist, which included "Joyriding", "Xmas Sux", "Stitches", "She's the Prettiest Girl at the Party and She Can Prove It With a Solid Right Hook", some LeATHERMOUTH, and he closed with "Weighted". I was freaking out and it was amazing.

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Is the rumor true?
Is there a new album?