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My typical weekend...

8:00-7:00 AM
Buried in my cave (my room.) listening to music by mcr. draw many art fails. play violin or piano. type on my computer. sing to myself. record myself playing the violin. draw many art fails again. play 'Helena' on violin. ('Cancer' on piano.)

9:00-11:35 PM
Read a book. listen to music by mcr. draw a t-shirt I wish I could have. type my boring story. draw fail arts again. blah blah blah pretty much over again. =D

if my parents take my brother and I somewhere, yeah, that's the only difference. Sometimes, the only time I want to go out somewhere if I download music I have never heard before. I sometimes ride my boring scooter. (Wish I could ride a skateboard.)

sometimes I stay up late studying for a quiz or even a comprehension check. (it's like a mini quiz.) staying up late and studying for a quiz makes my parents happy and proud.

and that's my typical weekend.

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Tony Hawk 'Huckjam Series'

It's not that perfect haha ;)

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Please anyone?

Can somebody please help me with some illustrations in my story?
I'll dedicate a whole page with whatever you want on it to anyone that helps me.

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Well, hey there...

I have had a lot of accounts on this website but I think I'm actually going to use this one, hopefully. If I don't you have permission to eat all of my food. I joined this website the first time in 2012 which shouldn't feel like such a long time ago. When my chem did the thing I deleted my account and then I made one last year that I ended up deleting as well due to personal issues but hey this is hopefully a new start. So to tell you a little about myself, I am a pansexual male, to get it out of the way I am a pre-T transguy so my voice is high as fuck sadly I'm a freshman in highschool. I play guitar and bass and the ukelele because of Tyler Joseph. I've been a fan of mcr for as long as I can remember, I kind of grew up with them and they were and still are a huge part of my life and my favorite band. That's all there really is, I'm not extremely interesting.

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The MCRmy lost their best soldier today

Vienna. Not many of you will know Vienna. In fact probably none of you. But she was the best member of the fanbase probably before you even knew MCR existed.

I met her when I joined the MCRmy nine years ago, but she had already established her title as "MCRmy mom" by then. EVERYONE who was part of the MCRmy Street team during the revenge and black parade era knew and loved Vienna. Even the band knew and loved Vienna.

She has fought cancer before, but this time it was too determined. Not even Vienna, the strongest and most inspirational women I've ever met, could beat it. She fought with grace and determination, but eventually there was nothing she could do but accept her fate. She was completely at peace with the situation, and in her final weeks surrounded herself with loved ones. Even then she still only cared about them, not herself.

This morning her pain ended, and now she will look over the whole MCRmy from above.

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I'm 16..?

Hey guys! Happy sunday morning :)
Today's my 16th birthday, it's really weird. I just changed my age from 15 to 16 in my about me!!!!!!!!!!!
On my FaceBook, my mom posted a video of Gerard jumping out of a cake singing Happy Birthday lol thanks mom XD
- Z

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Hey guys. A few months have passed without me doing anything on here, but I've just been really busy with a lot of junk. School, life, and a lot of thinking are the main things. I've always been really comfortable with sharing things on here, so if you guys don't mind I am going to post something else to flood your dash this evening.

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Hey guys! Ugh, I am super tired! It's midnight right now. I just got back from a weezer concert (didn't know them all that well before, now i like them) And wow, i can't hear a thing. I love concerts, but this time it was very hot outside and it was harder to shove my way to the rail/stage than usual. Well, anyway, it was very fun, and i got a whole pint of beer dumped on my hair.....cooled me off though! Well anyway, i'm freaking out because i am so exhausted but have a very important audition tomorrow morning and can barely hear different pitches at the moment, i have club wish me luck! I've been preparing for this audition for a while i hope i get in........i tend to get SUPER nervous! well, i love you guys! Wish me luck!

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I luve my Bae

This is my new GF she's not on here I don't think but her name is Jessica and she's 18

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Random drawing

I just put random stuff on here. (During summer.) I'm having a 'not-so-good' day. so i don't feel like posting anything more than 3 sentences. :(

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The Outcast

everywhere i am, it looks like i'm just a lonely crow. i don't really mind not having close friends at school or anywhere else. though sometimes i wish there was someone always by my side...a friend or two. i try to ignore the fact that i have no friends. sometimes it just goes by, sometimes it's stuck in my head.

this year's school is okay. at least i'm taking art class. everything else all are boring. (maybe except for orchestra.)

i will be kindly be your friend if you want me to be. it's just that i don't try to make friends on my own. don't mind if i'm an outcast with no friends. i started being very independent in 3rd grade and don't think 'friends' match in my type of lifestyle ever since.

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Hey everyone

Hey everyone I know I haven't been on in forever but I've been really biz I. Just wanted to say that I haven't forgotten the mcr killjoys and I love u all so much!!

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I'm sorry

So I was going to post a 9/11 thing yesterday. My heart goes out to all of you. My biology teacher had many friends that she lost that day too. You're not alone.
I'm sorry guys. I failed you. I would have been a year clean next week. I'm sorry

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Fall Out Boy and some other crap

Okay, so I've been listening to Centuries pretty much on repeat lately. I don't know what it is about this song... it puts me in mind of all the emotional development that I've been undergoing for no reason for the past few months. It helps that the music is amazing and that Patrick just sounds great. (It also helps that the video is set in Chicago. I've only been there once, en route to Indiana when we were first moving here, but it reminds me a lot of New York, where I was born and raised. I love the place way more than an introverted loner probably should.
Anyway, yeah, Centuries kicks ass. Anybody else liking this song? Cause I know I'm going to be obsessed with it for a while.
As for the other crap... I've been on somewhat of a classical music kick lately. In particular, Moonlight Sonata, first movement. Damn that song is pretty.

... actually, come to think about it, that's it. Catch you later Killjoys.

xoxo Tric

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Do You Realize?

So, over the past few months, I've came to a realization that with out 9/11 happening, My Chem would have never been a thing, or at least not the My Chem we know and love. Now, 9/11 was Definitely NOT a good thing, but it also wasn't a bad thing.
It's a bad thing 98% more (to me) than it is a good thing, the only 2% of it that was good, was the thought of Gee wanting to make a difference in this world by starting a band. And you know what. It did make a difference. A HUGE difference. With many impacts on lives. It would be a big bland world to me without MCR and I'm glad I see the color in it.
This part of this post goes out to all the people and families that lost a loved one during the tragic moment of 9/11. I give you so much respect, it's crazy. As the first line of Skylines and Turnstiles says, "You're not in this alone." believe it. Because you are not. There are thousands of families who have lost a loved one, just like you. Be strong and carry on.