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Sunday January 21, 2018
Posted by: Summer_timek

Hey you guys!
I’m freaking out here what in the world is happening?!

And I’m new here sooo, HELLOOO!!
My name’s Summer and I’m really excited to take part in the community here.
Sending love to everyone ❤️❤️

Saturday January 20, 2018
Posted by: falloneCHEMICALdisco

I had an account but forgot the log in and username so heres my new one!!!!!!

Saturday January 20, 2018
Posted by: JzminRuiz28

MCR one of my favorite bands ever. Now I hope see you soon guys. Cause I know this is REAL!!

Saturday January 20, 2018
Posted by: Gail Chua Way

This is basically my first time writing a blog. But please don't expect much because I am just to express my excitement with disappointment for the post that I just have shared awhile ago on Facebook. So I heard they will be having a reunion tour. Gosh!

Saturday January 20, 2018
Posted by: xxmilkyemoxx

so apparently everyone is using this site again, so i decided to come back from the dead and make a new account. fun. follow me on instagram @xxmilkyemoxx

Saturday January 20, 2018
Posted by: killjoy_Venom

Iv'e been registered here since 2010 but this would be my first blog post lol

I REALLY HOPE THE TOUR IS REAL. That would be my last wish, to see them live before they disband.
I hope they brought it here in our country the Philippines.

Saturday January 20, 2018
Posted by: _CallHerBlackMariah_

I totally forgot I used to have an account on here and I miss this so much, and after all the videos were posted and the whole mcrx tour thing was posted, I decided I needed to make a new account, mostly because I missed all the cool people in this fandom! <3 y’all

Saturday January 20, 2018
Posted by: bread

everyones posting on here again and it makes me so happy omg. how is everyone?? i'm doing dEcent, and also psa i think at this point warner bros is just messing w us. rock on tho, i'll see u when i see u <3

Saturday January 20, 2018
Posted by: xofrankieroismy...

What feels like a million years later I am still completely attached to My Chemical Romance. I am an adult now like a real adult. For years My Chem has gotten me through every bad and good time in my life. They have kept me alive for so many years now.

Saturday January 20, 2018
Posted by: Your_enemy nueva aquí.. No soy una gran fan de MCR..espero que pronto sea así...
Me gusta mucho todas sus canciones.. Y no me dejo llevar por malos rumores y opiniones... Solo Sigo a lo que me gusta.