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All Shook Up

This is the entire cast of the musical I was just in. Last night was the final performance :( I'm gonna miss it! These people were so much fun to work with and left such a great impression on me, I started crying when we finished up!

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The Black Parade is dead (joking like the MCRmy would let that happen)

I just re-read the article in kerrang about MCR's break up and listened to the back parade. I'm now crying, I don't know why I do this to myself.
Oh well I might go blast Hesitant Alien and eat ice cream I'll be fine after that.

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Hey guys/girls sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I have been checking my account though but no one has PM'd me so I just didn't bother to check on you all.

Any how my gf is sick, but we are still together and she has a surprise for me for christmas. Idk what it is cuz she won't tell me, but she said she is shipping what ever it is a week before Christmas. When I asked her if I would like it, really like it, love it or marry it, she said I would marry it. So I'm like awwwweeee I love you too baby. ( thinking she had bought a plane ticket to come visit me for Christmas.) I asked her that, but she said no sorry baby not yet you have to wait till I'm 18.

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so I just got back here :)

Hello everyone, the last time I wrote something here was in 2011! (because I forgot my password) well I'm really happy to be back and after reading some blogs I remembered how awesome is the MCRmy family.

Last night was Gerard's show in Mexico, I was not there but one of my friends traveled just to see him. *jealous*

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Guitar Progress

Just another update.

I practiced on my niece's acoustic today, and it things are going well. I am currently improving the way I position the guitar, my strum patterns, and holding the pick. I even started working on "Desert Song" by My Chemical Romance. The tabs kind of suck, but they are easy enough. If I work on it long enough it should sound decent.

That is sort of the best part: it sounds terrible. I'm only three official practices in, though, so I don't expect to play like Brian May. I can only improve from here.

Hope everything is going well for all you guys.

Always with love,

Show Stopper

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Update **not a depressing one!**

I am going on a mission to refrain from typing depressing blogs! **Haha, good luck** Okay, enough of that. I have my last performance for All Shook Up tonight at my high school! ^.^ that oughta be fun!! Also, I'm getting so much farther into Homestuck than I thought I ever would! XD And I love it!!!!!!!!
On another note, my teachers found out I write poetry and I post it to a blog, so now they're making it their mission to find that blog and read my poetry! Lets hope they never find this one!! XD
Anyways, How are all of you?? I hope good!!

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mini rant

I don't know if any of you use quotev but this girl I follow started spreading hate about Gerard Way and MCR fans I asked her to stop cause she's upsetting people and its fine for her have that opinion but she should talk shit about people. After that she didn't stop and just told me to fuck off and worse things that I won't say cause it might upset people . I like that website it's got some good fan fiction and a lot of nice people but I just seem to come across the bad ones. A few years ago I was "friends" with this other person who pretended to attempt suicide and hospitalise themselves I was really upset but a day later their sister was on the account and told me she made the whole thing up and she was perfectly fine ! I really give up on that website I can just be friends with the awesome killjoys on here :) <3

Sorry for the rant guys
I hope it didn't annoy anyone

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So I entered a contest to try to meet fall out boy, I would absolutely love this opportunity. If you could vote for me I'd really appreciate it!! :)

Vote here!

Thanks to everyone for voting :)

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Too. much. homework.

And god that's soooo boring *faints*

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looking for mcr fans

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The Day Everything Change

this song changed my life. I'm not just saying this to get attention but its true. it means more than anything to me.

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2 random thoughts

The moment MCR broke up
The moment I truly understood the meaning of the phrase "all good things come to the end."

If I was Gerard Way and someone who didn't know me asked what I did for a living, I'd be like: "nothing much me and some friends changed the world but these days I just hang around with a pink monkey"
I think the persons face would be classic

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Something I saw in tumblr

This is something cute I saw on tumblr:

"Now their all solo artists you can tell the blood and guts in MCR were mostly Frank and the dance routine things were mostly Gerard."

-"but Gerard can't dance ...."

"Like that has ever or will ever stop him ;)"

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Killjoys never die

It amazes me how devoted the MCRmy are cause with a lot of fan bases if the band broke they would fall apart but we stay together!!!! Killjoys never die, I think Gerard, Mike, Frank and Ray would be proud that their music brought people together, that are going to stay together probably forever !!!!! XXXXX
By the way:
Who loves Hesitant alien?
Or .Stomachaches.?
Or both?

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Save me from my self destruction

Soo, I feel like a huge bitch for only posting a blog when I need help and I know you guys probably think I'm some attentio seeking whore, but I just haven't been feeling so good of late and needed some time away to figure everything out because while I waa lurking in the back of this site, reading other blogs and occasionally commenting, I didn't want to ruin everyone's mood by posting some stupid sad bullshit blog. But now, it's just too overwhelming and I need someone to talk to and figured you guys would be the best to do this with.

Yeah, so I forgot to announce that I am now officialy done with first level education,and am moving onto the next, which means that I am now on a 4 month break (started last week).