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Tuesday April 14, 2015
Posted by: Amanda3

Ok, i'm putting two names out there, think what it is but it's just a guess, i think there's a surprise coming......


Monday April 13, 2015
Posted by: Allison_ross

Wow, just one more week until prom.
My friends all want me to go but i just don't like
dances. People say its a once in a life time experience.
but I just don't care about it. A little part of me wants to go but
I Don't know. I need help.

Monday April 13, 2015
Posted by: Peroxide Parade

Music is doing its job. It makes me okay. Things suck lately, and Hesitant Alien and Stomachaches have been playing nonstop. I love them more than I love myself. I'm happy to be happy again. My blaring tunes save me frequently, my future hearing be damned. Does anyone want to add some cool crap?

Monday April 13, 2015
Posted by: spiderbullet

I have so much homework, so what do i do?
Post a blog. Of course.
I hope someone is reading this :0 if not, that's cool too. i just need a place to rant.
First of all, I am a clean person. I tidy my room as much as I can every day, I organize things, clean things, etc, etc.

Monday April 13, 2015
Posted by: LisaGW

Edinburgh and Glasgow :)
Some advices ..... sightseeing or something awesome which I have to see XD

Monday April 13, 2015
Posted by: hesitant_hairdye

Hello all Killjoys! I'm back from spring break and it's only 4th hour and I'm hating school so much. We all know(or at least I think we do) that I don't do crap in 4th hour, just read and post blogs on here cause I'm a slacker.

Monday April 13, 2015
Posted by: Sebastián_MCR

Im starting school again and im really sleepy xD, anyways have a nice week and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Sunday April 12, 2015
Posted by: spiderbullet

I just remembered that in a MONTH im going to see paramore!!! oh my god!! i keep on forgetting, and im not excited for it because it doesnt feel like its real at all...
I've never seen one of my favorite bands before so its like a dream....

Sunday April 12, 2015
Posted by: mcrnut_89

...ill i see frank!
nearly at single figures.
cant wait.
work is taking its toll at the moment.
today ive had a day off and its been awesome! woo!
anywho hope your all well

Sunday April 12, 2015
Posted by: Anna Nikole

Joyriding in glorious HD I took with my Nikon.