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30 day mcr challenge

Day 15: favourite of Gerard's hairstyles
Idk I love them all although my least favourite is blonde not like black parade blonde that was cool like this picture blonde but don't hate me I still think its cool I just prefer the others

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I need to get going..

I'm hating myself right now... I've been out of this site for like FOREVER....I missed AWESOME people, RAD blogs, and EVERYTHING in this site....

You guys finished A Splitting Of The Mind (ASOTM), right??? I finished reading it last July, and i can't help but to reread it over, and over again.... (kinda one of my obsession, by now)

I'm just wondering if you also cried at the end of the story.... I swear, I almost filled a bucket of tears...
I'm so dramatic.. huehuehue...
I miss ASOTM Frank....

..I'm ready to go for some new fan-fictions right now....
Anyone who wants to suggest cool fanfics??? I really do appreciate it if you will...

On the other hand.... I need to get going with our prom...
I'm one of the junior officers.... (like seriously??)

I was trying not to participate, but i got obligations so, I really have to go school... with everyone... ( i know it would really feel like hell out there)

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Frankie in 'De Melkweg'?

NO WAY (yes way)
Frank fcking Iero is coming to the Netherlands! It's my dream to see every member of MCR. But of course my mom is being a pain in the ass and she doesn't let me :( well, this is my dream and I'm fighting for my dream! It's my time, my dream, my money and my chemical romance.

XOXO Night Scream

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Pancake report FEATURING Gerard Way, Jimmy Urine (MSI) and Chantal Claret (Morningwood)
This is beautiful!!! It's funny to see Jimmy Urine rapping kids music in a children's show, especially if you've listened to MSI's music haha :)
- Z

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Does Anyone Else See That?

Evening everyone. I'd like to point something out on the website that tickles me. On the right side of the community feed where the rules of blogging are there is a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure quote listed at the bottom. Be excellent to each other. Party on dudes! It says it right fucking there! This just makes me love this band a Vermillion times more. See what I did there? I said Vermillion... it's a Slipknot song... haha music jokes? No? Okay I'll shut up now. Have a great evening everyone!

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Have you seen Gee on altpress?? funny

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This Fucking Guy

Hello Killjoys! Hope your day is going well. I stumbled across this video and it made me laugh my ass off hope and I wanted to share it with you. Tell me this isn't hilarious

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30 day MCR challenge

Day 15: favourite of Gerard'd hairstyles

I always love Gerard's hair no matter what. But this one is my favorite or Gerard's black red hair...

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Fuck It Dude, Let's Go Bowling

Good afternoon, Killjoys! I hope wherever you are on this fine January day you're making it an outstanding one. To begin, I'd like to get your thoughts on electronic cigarettes. Now personally I've worked at an E-Cig store and the product is really interesting and from experience I can honestly say they work. I love my E-Cig and it's a lot better than when I was smoking a pack a day. As far as what the media has to say, I can't really agree on anything because I've handled the product and it is a great buy for those who want to quite smoking or chewing. There's nothing harmful in the composition of the E-Liquid and the devices themselves are just glorified Energizer batteries. Everyone has a different opinion and this is mine, but I'd like to hear yours so leave a comment if you'd like. I don't know if you guys got the reference from the title of the blog, but its from the movie The Big Lebowski, one of my favorites.

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30 Day MCR Challenge

Day 15: favorite of Gerard's hairstyles - this purple/red he had for a little while but his long black hair also is awesome

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Cloudy morning

Hey how are you? I'm kinda kessed up 'cause my mom made another of her suicidal comments because of my sis and dad. Fights are more constant and idk it's just not the same. But relationships can be always like nice and all that. The only thing I liked its that is a cloudy/rainy day.

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Hi guys! :) im new to this and i must say im loving it. <3

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What did I just watch?!
Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence) and Chantal Claret perform an awful songs and Gerard does some hilariously awful acting. What did I just watch?!

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Mystery man

He so cute, funny, smart, caring, sweet, and amazing! But i don't know him all I have are letters. So I will look to the ends of the earth for him! If I ever find him I will hold him beyond the end of times.

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well this shpuld be fun

Oh great my room mate just threw up on my essay :/ hmmmmm I wonder what the proffesers will say to me