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Really need some advice....


I really need some advice...... My best friend have been acting really wierd this year. He often don't show up when we've decided that we were going to hang out, and if he does it's 1 or 2 hours too late. He also comes up with bad excuses right before we are supposed to meet. He also use to ignore the texts I send him. He doesn't show any interest in hanging out with me any more. It seems like I'm not good enough for him anymore. Also when I sometimes text him when I'm depressed or anxious it almost feels like he blames me and are being rude. He tells me that I need to stop being so depressed all the time and that it's my fault because I don't act like I want to feel better. I struggle with depression, anxiety, stress and panic attacks and sometimes it feels like he takes it seriously or even want to help me. I aren't a annoying friend and I don't want Hume to act like this.

I really don't know what to do..... :c

Everyone that wants can send me a message btw <3

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I was wondering if you guys could help me find a fanfic that I read a long time ago on this site, but haven't been able to find in forever. Its about the band going forward in time to the danger days era, and having to deal with everyone they knew being older. It was really well written, and I want to know how it ends. Thanks.

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School in two days! ☠

Is anyone sad that school starts in two days? I mean, yeah i want to get back. But i don't really have any friends there xc ☬ well i hope you enjoy this school year! and good luck with the studying cx ✌

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Books books books.

So with school starting in TWO days, I've had to get back into reading actual books. I like reading, but I just find myself getting bored. That's why I like things like comic books. But with all the reading and stuff I gotta be doing during school, I was wondering if you guys knew any really awesome books. I can read practically anything but prefer to stay away from the drama mushy lovey dovey teen stuff. I love Stephen King books and horror books. I've started reading the original Dracula and it is so good! One book that's a little more recent is this book called Cinder and it's like a spinoff of Cinderella. It's in the future, and this girl is a cyborg, and there is a huge plague outbreak, lots of death, it's cool. The books that follow were also pretty good. One was scarlet, a spin on little red riding hood, and cress, a spin on rapunzel. The newest is called winter, kinda like snow white, I haven't read that one yet. But do you guys know of any really good books?

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Can't find them.

So I have every umbrella academy except for one of them which I can't find anywhere! Ugh! I also have all of the true lives of the fabulous killjoys but can't find the last one.....anywhere! I'm not giving up yet! I'm an epic comic book nerd, and not the way where it's cute, like, the obsessed way.

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Awesome book

This is actually a good book to read. thought it was boring at first but it turn out to be good. :)

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awesome news!

today I have been given the most amazing news for a long time.......I am going to Leeds festival!! I've always wanted to see MCR live, but at the time I was too young. I am happy to say that I will definitely be watching the global debut of Gerard Way, hoping to hear action cat along with other unheard songs from his upcoming album

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frank iero

who here loves frank ieros new songs. i love the songs weighted and 2.5mg just aint enough. they are so amazing

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iam so obsessed with this website I cant stop going on it. and I never want to stop. theres so many lovely people on this website. this is the best thing that has happened to me for a whole year. so thanks for the website and all the fabulous killjoys out there.

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I'm obsessed

Is it crazy that the first thing i did this morning (after breakfast and brushing my teeth) was enter this site?? cx

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Black Parade

Has anyone else ever cried over the fact that the first note in black parade, the one that you can feel in your heart every time it plays, is a G? The first note is G. Gee. G. Gee. G. Its perfect.

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Hey guys. So just out of curiosity, what mcr song to you has the most meaning and is the most inspiring? Or what mcr songs I should say, there are so many that mean so much to me. Well, in my case, the first my chem song I ever heard was famous last words. At the time, I was considering taking my life and had everything ready at the spot to do it. But hearing this song made me realize that i shouldn't be afraid to keep on living, even if that does mean walking this world alone. And how I am awake, and need to treasure that, being unafraid. So that song really spoke to me, and meant a lot, another song would have to be welcome to the black parade mainly because of the lyrics, "Do or die, you'll never make me, because the world will never take my heart... won't explain or say I'm sorry, I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar" these just meant a lot to me and this is what I want to be like, unashamed, and not letting the world take me alive.

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the world is ugly.

i love the song the world is ugly. it is so inspiring.

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Destroya Pills chapter 6

As Gerard walked back home he thought about Ivy. He remembered now that they used to play vinyl records. She once wore a cape while dancing to The Clashes Rock the casbah.
1996: " Hey what are you doing? You weirdo."
Ivy danced around the apartment in a red cape. She twisted and turned left and right.
" Rockin the casbah, rock the casbah. Come on Gee. Dance."
Gerard nodded his head no.
" No. I don't dance. Hey give me a pin. My pencil went some were. Oh thanks."
After the song ended Ivy turned of the vinyl player. She walked over to Gerard and put her head on his right shoulder. He didn't mind it at all.
"Gerard time for dinner! Come on dinner is starting."
Gerard's mother made spaghetti along with bread sticks.
" So how was everyone's day?"
Gerard's father spoke.
" Uh I walked to the park."

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There's still hope for the MCRmy <3

Hey guys :p I'm a longtime fan of mcr and I keep staring at the "Tour" button and I just ugh. But ya, I'm the annoying one that keeps saying "They'll make a comeback tour any day now just wait it'll happen" But ya, y'all are rad.