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Dances suck!!!!

So please allow me to rant about how shitty my school dance was because I literally feel like a useless piece of shit.

So yesterday, as some of you know, yesterday I had my first school dance as a farewell party for my grade and it was awful.

Firstly, you know that tiny feeling of "oh my shitlord I think I just crapped my pants" before you go somewhere or have an anxiety attack?
Well I felt like that the whole time there.
My "best friend" Olga just ditched me and went to dance with some sluts in my class and only came to me when she wanted to literally snatch (and almost drop) my phone from my hands and so when everyone was dancing, I awkwardly sat on the bench and had to bear all the critical looks and dumb questions of why I wasn't dancing.
I felt so awful and ashamed, evey girl in my class went to dance with the guys and looked hot (especially the goddess that is my classmate Tsion who I envy so much, even though we are friends) but I just sat there and used tumblr.

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Lonely people Beatles covered by mustacheinacan.

Hey killjoys ^_^ it would be amazballs of you if you could go ahead and watch like comment and maybe if you had fun subscribe thankyou loveya guys <3

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All about that Bass Covered by mustacheinacan >U<

If you would be ever so kind as to watch this video it would mean a whole lot to me and it would be even greater if you would leave a like, comment or sub ^-^
loveya killjoys <3

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Something about you?

Bear with me. I haven't thought this through too well. I don't know many of you, and I probably haven't seen any of you in real life. That doesn't matter. We're still here, over a year after the close of My Chemical Romance. That has to mean something, right? Don't we all share something in common? So I was wondering if you read this, if you'd be comfortable sharing.

What's something about you that no one would know just by looking at you?
And/or What's something you'd say to me if you passed by me on the street?

You wouldn't know it by just looking at me, but I'm kind of wild. I kick open doors and jump down stairs. I make funny sounds when no one's around just for the heck of it.

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Halloween fun

I'm going to the first Haunted house of the year tonight. :D It's supposed to "the scariest in the city" haha we'll see about that. xD It's a little short one, it's only supposed to take 20 minutes to walk through, I'm still excited though.

I'm also volunteering at a haunted house this year too, that should be fun, I am going to be a zombie. :)

Have you ever heard of those haunted houses that take hours to go through? I think there's one in Michigan where it takes 6 HOURS to go through. It costs like $70 or something though. I think it'd be worth it. I also heard of this thing somewhere in the states where it's a 12hour "Haunted Camping Trip" That sounds awesome. Like seriously cool. I'd go out of the country for those they sound rad. :D

Have an awesome day :)

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Here's something else I wrote in poetry class. I like it a lot. The poem is about J.... again. Called "Adolescence" Constructive criticism would be great :)
13 years old
So free and new
To let you into my life
Sweet girl
Lovers her music
I love her touch
What's wrong
You're crashing down
Stop hurting yourself
Passing old habits onto me
Is your home wrong
Or are you
This Barbie house
Is Full of pain
Couldn't stay mad at you
That fight dissolves to pleasure
The best Halloween of my life
Broken up
You're falling apart
The Black Parade isn't your saviour anymore
Will you ever find a home
Life is a nightmare in a heart that can't be healed
A FaceBook message
Instant terror
Why is she telling me all of this
A chelsea smile
Sent me down your road
I can't forget you
After the damage you did
The impact you left

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When someone is coma u have no idea when they will wake up, it might take months or years and why do i put coma as an example, every nite i like to read ur blogs I like to read ur thoughts, ur ideas, ur favorite things and i noticed what Loyal FANS U R to MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, THAT impresses me the most, u still comment about their music that is a Loyal FANBASE, so that means ur true to them even IF their in a COMA, please keep posting and writing don't let that Love go away, and like someone who stands next to the bed side at the hospital, U my friends keep standing until THEY wake up from the Coma, don't leave their side ever and be Loyal to them, so I say KEEP UR HOPE ALIVE!! Becuz who knows when will They WAKE UP.

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want to post blogs and comments? read these first:

1. No hate posts or comments
Posts or comments attacking people in any manner, including their race, sexuality or gender will not be tolerated.

2. No spamming or sales posts
If you spam the site with links or info about products for sale, you will be deleted immediately.

3. No self harm posts
If you are feeling like you may harm yourself please contact someone who can help.

Call 1-800-273-8255 or visit or You can also contact The Trevor Project at or by calling their Lifeline at 866-488-7386.

4. Be excellent to each other

5. Do Not Post Photos of the band's family or friends
Respect the band' privacy by refraining from posting photos of their friends or family members. Photos will be removed

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a bit of a rant

So I saw a post on my facebook from a gay site about some chick from Glee who since the show has come out and shaved most of her hair off and wears male clothes. (I know nothing of this girl as I didn't watch glee)
She did an interview with Oprah and they showed like a minute of it. in it she said she isn't having any surgery or anything, she is fine with her body, she just feels like she has a male soul. Which is great, hats off to her, being true to herself and whatnot, so I commented saying its all nice and stuff. and I referred to her as a she.
and I get someone telling me im all wrong and I should say he.
Now at no point in the clip did she say she wanted to be a 'he' she just said she feels more comfortable like that.
If in the clip she said she would like to be referred to as male then I would have, but she didn't. Maybe in the full clip she might say more, but in this, I just used the info given to me.

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What Should I Do?

Every time I get on the bus after school these 2 kids always make fun of and about how my parents are struggling with money, ever since last year when the kid and me got in a fight he's been saying he beat the crap outta me, which I don't even care if he says because I know its not true, but these two kids are slowly killing me...

Every day he's on the bus
Every day he makes fun of me
Every fucking day he tries to fight me
Every fucking day I feel like worthless when I got off that bus...

Any advice?

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I place up these walls
To keep away the pain.
It pushes against them,
chipping away at them,
Breaking them down.
Though they are still
there, for now...
I put them down
as soon as I'm alone
So I can reuse them.
Over and over
Everyday. Day after day...
The pain is there
constant, never ending...
Around strangers
Around friends
Around everyone...
It never stops,
Never ceases,
And these walls are
not strong enough
to hold it all back....

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I'm putting up all my "Don't Give A Fuck" Walls today.... I know I'm going to break down as soon as I get home, but for now, I'm wearing my mask....

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Having a lazy day...

I'm skipping the first half of school today. I am seeming to have a bad week, so I'm staying home. I had school til 5pm, and I really didn't want to deal with people, but I'll go for 1-5. But ugh, I really don't want to... :/ At least it's Friday.

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Hey Hey!

New to blogs, but hey! I only made this blog to kinda like thanks everyone who was in MCR, especially because I'm in the marching band and were playing Welcome To The Black Parade. I'm real exited to learn the chart for the song.
If you want to with in about a month the march for the song will be on youtube. Under "James Campbell High School"

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New beginings!

So for some reason all of my previous blogs are gone..but whatever! I am now a temporary vocalist for The Scene is Dead! a band that a friend of mine is in! were playing a set at my Halloween party and they said if i do well they will consider making me perminate which is all i could ever want. Were doing teenagers desolation row black parade face down and dance dance. please wish me luck and pray for me i JUST started singing and haven't built up confidence yet. Also Im not sure how to perform. Ive only ever performed with my violin which is super different. Advice?
Keep running
Battery Bullet