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The IeroWeen day today

So, usually I would have been at school today, but I wasn't, because I'm sick. >:( every year we have this dance and you have to slow dance and all that phony stuff but I mean I'm fine that I missed that, but I'm just sad that I missed all the activities. Whenever I get sick, I always miss something big. Like one time last year, my class won this com potion thing and so we were going to go meet an astronaut (Chris Hadfeild) so I'm okay on all of the boring days, but once we go, I get sICK ON THE DAY! OTS NOT FAIR!

Anyways, to the better part of this blog, my sister and felt bad that I am sick and so she got invited to 2 parties and invited me to them, so once we get to the first party, I feel like oh my gosh, how will I handle this and there was only 3 other girls. But once we get to the 2end party, there was about 11 other girls and they were so mean. We played Mario Kart and they started to give me respect once they saw how skilled I am in this game.

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Happy birthday, happy Halloween (or should I say IeroWeen?), and Rest In Peace

So, it is now 1:25 AM on November 1st and Yes I do know that Franks birthday is on October 31. Well here is a little thing.

1- HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRNKIE!! We all love you and even though you might not check out this blog anymore, we love you! I hope you had a good Halloween and birthday with your wife and the kids! How was your cake? Or cup cake or what ever you used? I hope it was good. Anyways I'm just here to say I love you, happy birthday and I hope you had a great Halloween. (Ieroween)

2- Rest In Peace Mitch! (Old frontman from a band called Suicide Silence)

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Hey Guys! Missed Halloween postings by a few minutes **it's now the 1st**

ok, happy late birthday Frank! lol I missed posting this on Halloween by a single minute!!! It is now the 1st of November and my mother's wedding is today.
I really didn't expect today to be that great, but it was fucking awesome!!!! Hung out with friends at school, embarrassed the shit outa myself, helped decorate for the wedding, dressed up some college students, went to a haunted maze, and am now posting this =^.^= BTW, this is me... I had a lot of fun with my costume, as simple and easy as it was. I actually loved it cx
*I wore a red tie with a Nightmare Before Christmas tank top tucked into black highwaisted shorts, over skeleton leggings. Nightmare Before Christmas hand warmers, black rose earrings, and an MCR sweater ^w^ plus fake purple/black eyelashes, bite marks[real and fake!], and a lot of lipstick!! haha, it was fun. I hope you all had an AMAZING Ieroween!! XD

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Frank and Bob

Love this clip :) happy ieroween yall :)
- Z

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happy ieroween!!!

happy birthday FrankiEEEEEE!
I made a tribute/happy birthday video thingy. It's on facebook, so I can't post it as a video here.... Maybe if I give you the link to the vid on FB you can see it:
Hope you all are having a good halloween, this is my last year trick-or-treating, so hopefully it'll be good :) I'm going as my friend Salsa, made a mask of her face and got a brown wig. I'll steal some of her clothes from her room when I get there, in two hours.
- Z

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Stupidity - maximum level

I am a recent killjoy. Lately I've been listening to many songs of my chem and discovering things I never thought existed...
Dont get me wrong but I just started searching about my chem when I started to basically listen to just my chem.
But, anyway. This is the first blog that I write. I discovered that gerard and frank kissed and I was SO SO SO HAPPY! I was just searching for that. And then I discovered "convencional weapons" and I just LOVED that AP.
And when I found "the light behind your eyes" I just javhsddbiusgdcu.
And then I saw the lyrics and I related things with other things and I got to the conclusion (my conclusion, I dont know what do you think about that song) that the song was like a goodbye letter. And then I just started to cry and basicly that song is my favourite right now.
I just want the band back! I never saw them live! This is unfair. when they were together I didnt even knew they existed... I was too little...

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I am Sweeney Todd today. :)
Hope you are all having a lovely halloween. :D



Happy Halloweeners

You all knew you would hear this song at some point today....

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Still around and coming back soon!

Hey guys

So I'm still around and coming back to posting daily blogs next year. I just may need to buy a laptop cause the one I have hasn't been turned on in a about a year so it man not run so well. Anyways I'll keep you posted on When I'll start blogging again(most likely on twitter).


Fallow me on twitter @fefedarkboy13

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Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! Have a great day everybody. I'm gonna be jeff the killer

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so...i preformed with gerard way?!?!?!


a lot of things happened that night in Philly.

But basically, i drove all the way from North Carolina to Philly and got to my hotel at 1:30am and got three hours of sleep then at 5 i got up and went to the venue. By the way, i was very very sick. like fever, gagging, and my voice was almost gone.

But it was all worth it cause i met amazing people, and my hero for 8 years gerard fucking way picked me to come up onstage and play the tambourine with him. And FRANCES BEAN COBAIN helped me get onstage and made funny faces at me while i was up there. it was actually my dream come true.

I've been on this site for such a long time, i know you guys understand how much gerard means to me. So, this is it happened 2 weeks ago today.

I met gerard again after and he wrote out the lyrics for me "take my fucking hand and never be afraid again" which i am getting tattooed.

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happy birthday frank iero!

happy birthday frank iero!

xxxxx Hannah

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I WANT CANDY!!! So much good things first i like to knows what costumes or who would u dress up? Are u goin to parrrrty!!! Well I like to dress as Joey Ramone but a little different, and i CAN'T leave out one important birthday (FRNK HAPPY BIRTHDAY) what a cool thing right on halloween, sooo, people ENJOY UR DRESS UPS, but keep it safe, and have a sweet TRICK OR TREAT, Damn love this time of year, to sweetin the day better watch a Scary movie, yeah what movie inspire u guys, give sme shoutouts, HAVE A SCARY DAY!! Killjoys

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A New Start.

So I haven't been on here forever, It's been years since I've been really active on this site. I looked back on so many old blogs and oh my... They were awful. I think I've grown up now and understand life better, which is good. I just wanted to tell everyone I'm starting anew on this site and please feel free to message me, I won't bite (or at least I won't try)
Much love,
Acid Sunshine ☀️