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Tuesday November 29, 2016
Posted by: BVB_Ryan_MCR

W E L C O M E_

Today's mood: L A Z Y

Today's favorite song: 'Genie in a Bottle' Christina Aguilera

Today's Movie: The Jungle Book

Dream Journal: No dreams for you Edgy memes

The Story: Why am I just tired all the time. I'm so worn out and I just want to sleep.

Monday November 28, 2016
Posted by: The Scarlet Spe...

Can u guys give me some advice?

Monday November 28, 2016
Posted by: gracevela

Saturday night he was sitting on the couch. He asked if I was my best friend's twin sister. After that laugh, her and I went upstairs. I couldn't stop thinking about him and my past.
He went home with us and we talked until 3:30 am. He walked me to my house and then went home.

Monday November 28, 2016
Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

I know right? I actually miss being hospitalized and the people I meet while I'm there...

I almost once had a GF from being Hospitalized only to have a new patient who was an ex gang member steal her over.

But I miss the patients I'd be with, the food, the atmosphere in general.

Monday November 28, 2016
Posted by: Sita Flourentine

I got role play E> Bat I was just sayin the other day that i need to maintain "reality borders" when role playing since Life is a Play <3 there is a bit of a time lag on this one, its still good tho!
Sadie Lady and Sita

Monday November 28, 2016
Posted by: Sita Flourentine

Actually, I took it and it said tickling.
I thought it was going to say something rude.
Its said tickling, I like that.


Monday November 28, 2016
Posted by: Sita Flourentine

So, I made a livejournal account. Its like an extension of tumblr, with like, more words saying stuff. I havnt written anything yet, so there is no realistic point in posting the link, now is there. For those of you who are interested, I will post the link when there is something to post.

Sunday November 27, 2016
Posted by: In Love and Revenge

So November is almost over, and it's 27 days until Christmas Eve.I love Christmas, it's one of the few things I have to look forward to each year, and I always get really excited about it.

Sunday November 27, 2016
Posted by: surya16

The world we knew is gone. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months society has crumbled. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living.

Sunday November 27, 2016
Posted by: neon heart

Hey guys! I know most of you on here probably don't care but I just wanted to update you on everything that has happened since last time I was here! I never have time on here anymore, I'm so sorry! I'm really busy at the moment.