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Hi :)
Today I went to my friend's house to make a physics project. It was about turning on a calculator using a potato as a battery. Of course it didn't work. We finished going to swim to her uncle's pool. Well, the point is that tomorrow we're going to try it again. Anyone has any idea about making a calculator work with a potato?
Thanks :)
P.S: I want an ice cream.

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Leanna's my summertime

Leanna's my Summertime.
I love MCR, when I met a girl I knew off here named Leanna, I knew my life would have changed forever. This may have been a couple years ago in Whitman, MA... She's my reason, b

ut you can run away with me anytime you want. <3 Killjoys.

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I haven't been on for a long time...

Hey, i haven't been on here for a while and i'm sorry. I've just been kinda sad and happy and mixed emotion like i guess. Hope everyone's doing good and for those of you who remember that i have a fanfic i should be writing i'll get back on it i've had writers block for quite some time so sorry and i'm really excited to start blogging cause then i can just be me i guess. Hope I can continue with this otherwise i'm gonna feel bad. Cya

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Leanna's My Summertime

I love MCR, when I met a girl I knew off here named Leanna, I knew my life would have changed forever. This may have been a couple years ago in Whitman, but you can run away with me anytime you want. <3 Killjoys.

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If love is legal, why isn't gay marriage?

I understand there are millions of arguments for and against gay marriage or even the idea of a man with a man and a woman with a woman in a romantic relationship. My thought is: It is love. Love by definition is an intense feeling of deep affection. I understand that religion or what you believe in or other kinds of influence might change how you think about love. To me, love is the feeling humans can have that allows us to make the truest of connections to another human being. Being truly in love with another person is already rare enough why try to diminish other people's love for their significant others just because of their sexual orientation. I've never understood the criticism that gay marriage is considered less legitimate. Most of the time, not all the time, marriage is something serious.

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killjoy fics?

Am I the only one who still writes killjoy stories....? Like they used to always be on here but now there's none... I stopped including the guys in my fics a long time ago though, now they're just pure OC's. I really miss seeing all the writing on here though. Everyone seemed to have their own story for their killjoy. Some wrote together, some people's stories intertwined, other people's killjoys made appearances in other people's stories. I just miss those days.

I'm a sucker for nostalgia I guess. I wish we could go back to those days.


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Fighting to be different.

So lately I've been getting a lot of comments on my taste of music, how I dress, etc. It really makes no sense to me at all. Due to the fact we are who we are. People want us to be the same, and I have no reason why. Has society taken a change on us? Sometimes I think it's just people not understanding. I mean now a days people are judged for everything. From music, to fashion sense. I do feel like we should all be different, cause we are. No one should be afraid to stand up for being different. And if I stand alone on this, I will fight. For those who feel this way as well, let's fight fro this. I know most of our voices won't be heard. But we can try. People deserve to be themselves without judgment.

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Only back at school for two days and I really want to crawl into a hole and never come out. It sucks, everyone always stares at me because of the way I look, and the teachers all think I needd counselling just because of what I write about and draw. What shall I do?

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Sick. Ewww.

Well, im back at school and sick. Witch sucks alot. But I do get to use one assignment for two classes, so I get credit for the same paper twice and hopefully It will get me through both classes. Its like, a third of my grade for each of them. Soooo, yea, lets do good on it. (PS! If I may have to ask for some opinions and views from you guys to put into this paper down the road)

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Hello everyone!
I haven't been here in FOREVER. So I decided to come on here more often. Well today I'm really nervous because I have an art reception to go to and I think I have to present in front of everyone o.o aaahh!! In random and unrelated news me and my friends created the longest Congo line ever and paraded around school.Hahaha we had so many haters X) but we didn't care cause we were having fun. :) see ya later - Death Ray

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I'm not alone, right?

I know that i'm not alone. But please, will someone remind me i'm not the only one who still believes in everything? I just haven't been the same since the band left. "Like i'm the last damn kid still kickin, that still believes." -Pat Stumph Save rock and roll.

I want to know what it's like to have someone like yourself again....

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The art of missing

Dear Mcrmy,

I know this is kind of a down thing to ask but what do you do when you miss someone you can't talk to? It would mean a lot if you can share any advice.

Rock on,
<3 mcr96

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I'm So Messed Up Inside

Everyday, I wake up and get dressed. I don't usually eat..i really don't like eating. And I do my daily routine. then all of a sudden, I get this wave of depression. I like it..A LOT. im not sure if that's good or not, because im afraid i'll do something stupid. but I don't know how to react, so I kinda..yeah.. and I listen to mcr. they help me through everything. but what happens if I do something dumb. I don't want to die, but yet, I want to.

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Something has shifted, Killjoys... both in me and in the world around me. There were good things and bad things... it's all been strange.

I suppose I should start with the bad things.

So firstly... my aunt visited us very recently. That should be great and all, and it was very nice to see her. However, she seemed to disregard everything I said and she treated me like I'm stupid. I don't know, I felt like... she was dismissing me, I guess.

Secondly... my mom found out about my razors. It wasn't even her that found them, it was her boyfriend that did. And it was... mortifying, to say the least. And of course, my mother decided to make the entire conversation about her. "Is it because of me again?" "What'd I do this time?" "Why is it that nothing your father does bugs you?"
it was... ugh. So now I need a new hiding place for them. And I've gone three days without them. And it's torture. And going without it too long makes me feel like I'm dying. It's horrible...

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I lost a really good friend of mine because of my stupidity. I don't know how to talk to her because she hates me, and I just wish we were friends again. But I guess you can't have it both ways. I'd be lying if I I said I didn't miss her. I see her every damn day in my classes and I can't talk to her because she hates me and it always tears me up inside because I know it's all my fault and I'm just so angry with myself. The other problem is I can't expressly feelings to anyone about this topic but to this site. So I just needed to write this out.