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Guardians of the galaxy

Who else of you guy love this movie as much as I do? <3

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QUESTION. It's stupid but please guide me

i have been wondering for a really long time and it may be silly but can gerard swim?
Like in I'm not okay Ray States "you can't swim, you can't dance and you don't know karate"
In Juarez he sings "I can't swim, don't rub it in"
So yeah can he seriously not swim? or is it just something he says?

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So I've noticed many people on this site are depressed. It's all completely natural, I am too. I want you all to know though, that we are there for you and we all love you and it's always worth it.
MCR may not be making new music but they still exist. Because real legends never die. Their music, their message, THEY, will always be here.
But never forget that the Killjoys of the Black Parade isn't just a term for fans or characters in music videos. We are an army. We are an idea. A force of nature. We band (pun not intended) together in this sucky world because we can be better than this world. There's good in it. Somewhere there is good in it.
MCR is a legend. Legends never die. MCR is not Dead!
-drives into the sunset screaming Na Na Na-

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Mental lists

The list of things I want to say to Gerard when I meet him is longer than the list of things I want to ask God when I get to heaven.

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Remembering MCR

So. I've been horribly depressed lately.
MCR is.... pretty much my go to. They make me feel better.
I'm pretty proud of myself. I know all the lyrics and crap and I love them.
I play the bass and the cello.
I recently started the bass. I can play, I'm Not Okay, and Disenchanted on the bass.
On the cello, I can play Welcome to The Black Parade and Famous Last Words.

I am pretty proud. Any way. Back to depression. I feel like doing stupid stuff. I feel like giving up. Like saying forget life, I'm done.
But... I look at my hero.. Gerard Way is my hero. I can look at him and go, you saved me. You are living proof that it gets better. That you can get yourself out of that pit. That people are beautiful and that you shouldn't listen to what crap people give you and that you shouldn't harm yourself.
This man has inspired me so much, along with Frank Iero, Mikey Way and Ray Toro. They are amazing people and wonderful humans. I'd seriously give ANYTHING to meet them.

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guitar help needed

Ok, I can't play by ear worth a dam, so could someone tab out frank ieros BFF for me? Or tell me the chord progression and how to play the solo? I'm wanting to play I for a school event bit can't find it anywhere online

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I dyed my hair purple!!!

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A hole in my heart

I miss MCR more than anything in my whole entire life. To someone who has never been touched by their music it might sound silly. But all the true KillJoys understand <3

We are FOREVER The Black Parade

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Hello All

As the title suggests I'm going to be giving my thoughts on parenting And before you guys ask no I am not a parent. Also before I get to the meat of this blog I should tell you guys my religious upbringing cause it's going to come up. I was born into a Catholic family but my household was non practicing (for the most part). So my parents raised me to believe that there's some higher power that loves you and to respect everyone belief system As best you can. So that's how I became Agnostic ( which is in between being religious and non religious) So without feather delay on to the meat of this blog.

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Woke up and it's 11:34PM :/

Hey, beautifuls.
Lately I've been sleeping too early, like around dinner time, and then woke up at midnight or later, and I couldn't go back to sleep. Because there's nothing to do around the house: the table's clean, the lights turned off, silence turned on, and the only thing I can do is the most common, lazy thing I always do on the evening.
I wanted to record some vocal songs but my recorder and microphone got busted last week, so I couldn't record anything on soundcloud. I'm not going to complain like an annoying bitch about something this stupid--I just want to give a heads up on what I've been doing. I'll get a novel to read later, or if possible, play the PS4--maybe have an online play with someone here that might be interested. Just saying.

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So today I was feeling EXTRA sad about My Chemical Romance's break up.... I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since they broke up. *SOB* So, I've been blaring my favorite album, 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge'.
Jumping around my room as my heart pours out the lyrics to my favorite song, 'I'm not Okay'
The song speaks to me. Makes my heart sing. I am filled with... this amazing feeling when I hear the intro...
any way, I wrote a poem..

Roses are dead,
Violets are grey,
MCR broke up,
I'm not okay

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I need to work through a few thoughts and doing it on tumblr isn't a good idea

So it's been a pretty good day 'n everything, actually it's been a pretty good week so far, considering the weird mood-funk I've been in recently. And I rarely get in trouble with my parents. I'm one of those people who, in some circumstances, if I feel happy or I've had an oddly spectacular week, I'm afraid I'll get in trouble at some point, like things are going way too well for me and the universe, being the way it is, will find some way to work against me right at the peak of my happiness.

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Just sent them a message. I don't even know why.
I said:
I said I wouldn't talk to you ever again
But I'm really curious of what your situation is now
Where are you staying? Are you in school?
We were 2012-13. Why can't I ever fucking move on. And I've been doing so much better this month. Hardly thinking of them. I want to know if they're out of the group home. If they're in a house or a hospital. If anyone is considering adopting them. If they ever think of me. If they know that they're the one in my mind torchering me every. single. day. That I can't be in a relationship with anyone cause I can't forget them. We were 13-14. It's pathetic I can't let go long enough to see just how fucked they left me. I WAS THIRTEEN what type of human can't move past a relationship form when I was 13??? I can't even go into Waltham, the town he used to live in.

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First day of exams

And I'm already exhausted. And I have four more days of exams. Nooooooooooo

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Sexual confusion and Shakesphere

Ok, so im not sure which is bothering me more, my english grade, or question of character. Lets start with the more easily fixed of the two. My english grade (Virtual class) is fucking tanking because of hamlet. Its not that i dont understand it, its because i have to take all the test off memory of the play when i read it two years ago. (Sophomore year) and im getting straight sixteens and twenties out of forty. Ive dropped to a fifty six percent in the class because of it. I have an exam on it and after that its done, but i cant find a copy of the book anywhere, and it doesn't have a link with it to read and work with! So im going to hope theres enough left in the course so i can bring it up some to at least pass. (D is for Diploma). The other problem ive had lately is ive always introduced myself as bi, for i find both men and women attractive, But lately ive felt. diffrent.