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Frankie Murder:Teen Killjoy & The Birth Of A Shiny Gun ch.2

Early the next morning Sara wakes up her little girl and tells her to put on her shoes. The girl asks why but Sara said that she would explain everything once they enter the gates that leads to the zones.
There was two purple haired Porno Droids with suite cases in there hands. One of them took the little one and covered her with a robe. It was a rainy morning and was cold too. Sara kept her gun close but hidden inside her coat. As they reached the gate there were Dracs around it.
" Miss we can not let you leave the city!" A Drac said.
" You need to be eliminated!" Sara shot one of the Dracs in the head and ran into the ally ways. The Porno Droids ran as well. The little girl cried in terror.
" Mama I'm scared. Please Mama I'm scared. Ahhhh!"
The Droid that was holding the girl got shot in the legs and fell. Sara picked the girls up and tried to pick up the Droid.

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Destroya Pills chapter 4

Ivy spoke in a low tone. " Meet me at the comic shop at 8:00 am sharp. No later than 8:15 am."
Gerard was going to ask a few questions. He wanted to know who she was and demanded answers now!
Ivy hung up shortly after the few seconds of silence. Gerard gave to phone back to Frank and headed back home. Gerard walked out of the club and lite a cigarette. As he was at the door of his house he looked at it.
Gerard stepped in side. He went to his room and lied on his bed looking at the ceiling. He didn't sleep much. All he could think of things like ' What does she want with me?' or ' Does she look like the girl in my dreams?'. Gerard also paced back and forth in his room til 7:00.
As Gerard walked out of his room to take a shower the house was quiet. It was so quiet that it made him feel alien or like he was a foreign object in his house. As he was showering he had this feeling of shouting out loud.

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Hello, Killjoys!

I'd like to befriend some killjoys, marchers, and MCRmy members. I love you guys so much. People, just drop me an inbox and we can talk :)

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It's been awhile

I'm so flabbergasted for how long it's been since I've gotten on here and blogged. But I truly believe that MCR is going to come back. Maybe it will be the same guys or some of them are going to be different people. But I'm really hoping that it will mostly be Gerard, Mikey, and Frank maybe even Ray. I'm just believing and hoping for the best for them even if they don't get back together. But I truly believe they will get back together. I love you all Killjoy. <3

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so long... for now

imma be gone for at least 3 weeks. travel

i love you all... and... if anything... goes wrong.... while i fly over the sea...



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I never knew...

Ok so I just posted a blog and as I was waiting for it to load I accidentally clicked on members and I was suddenly taken aback by how long a lot of you have had an account. I feel so amazed that so many of you guys have had an account for a year or more. So I would just like to say thank you for staying and congratulations to all of you who have been dedicated to this community for so long. I want to give you an award or something, but I can't really so...yea. I just thought I'd share that revelation because I'm proud of my fellow killjoys :) love all you guys so much

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Story time anyone?

Hello my favorite killjoy family! I've been noticing the deterioration of this site lately, so I thought I'd try to add some life to it by starting something. Pretty much I'll post the beginning of a story and then you post a second chapter and then we'll pass it around until it's done or no one wants to add anymore. First to comment that they want to gets to do the next chapter. Hopefully this will catch on, and if not.. well whatever I'm used to rejection haha. Here it goes :)

Chapter One: Silent Night

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Hello night chatters!

Hello night chatters! Who wants to talk? I'm nice and sweet and don't bite. Well except on special occasions... Meep :3 we can talk about anything you want! Still trying to stay active on this site. I never really get many comments or messages anymore. I used to get at least 4 :(
Please talk to me. I'll love you forever <3

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If feels kinda dead here

I come on this site and when ever some one post a blog there is at least 5 comments or less. Most of the time there are no comments. I wish this site could be active again. Just because mcr disband, we shouldn't disappear for long periods of time. We shouldnt post sad things all the time.
We should post happy, funny things. I feel like no one cares for fanfiction from other killjoys and I. Please know I care for you all and don't take all your rage on a silly thing.
Love, Punk-Princess :)

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single again

So unfortunately im single again something that i hate andnits all my fault if i didnt lose my temper id be fine but i just had to man i hate being me

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We Couldn't Think of a Title

Shit I'm Fucking Sleepy right now. How is everyone?

Hell I'm hanging in there but you know I'm just so Alone right now. I mean I guess I'm not Trying hard enough to find friends and socialize, or no one is really interested in me.

So idrk but yeah I'm just kinda feeling mixed up and blunt about everything. I'm kinda just like fuck this shit, fuck that, oh and fuck you too, You know? It's just one of those days you just wish everyone would die. I'm just kinda pissed and upset.

I can't get over the fact that some one who used to love me so much could just turn there back on me and treat me like a fucking stranger.

any how idk I just kinda give up trying you know? It's like you'll be ok you know you just need to go to this place they'll help you. And I'm like no I'm ok Honest I just want a coke you know? and there like no that's not normal behavior your on drugs.

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Alone in this big bad world

Hey guys, Lisa here.
So, I haven't been at school for two days now and I'm begining to get bursts of emptiness, anger, sadness and pain.

Probably because of nunerous events.

Number one, I recently began attending school everyday and I was happy.
No judgemental eyes or hateful glares, just blank emotion.
It was stripping me of who I was.
I'm trying my best to not give a shit about what people say/think and by God's grace and with the help of kickass rock bands like Three Days Grace and MCR, it's kind of working.
But on the other hand, its not.
Sometimes I would be sitting in class and I'd get a panic attack out of nowhere where I couldn't think and my stomach, head and chest hurt.
I would feel this weight on my head and heart and I hated it.
Still do.
The other day, I was seated in maths and then the teacher was handing out the results of mocks.
I was so scared when they read my name and when he said my grades....
I literally felt my heart crack.

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Just Checking In

Hello fellow killjoys. Just dropping in to say a brief hello. I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a long time. A lot of stuff has been going on, Just letting you guys know that I'm thinking of you! Have a wonderful day<3<3


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Happy almost friday!

Just wanna celebrate almost the weekend! How are all my favorite MCRmy members? I've been doing fantastically. Connor and I have been doing great. He always says sweet things to make me feel better about the long distance.
Like this:
I love you with all that I am. Every breath I take is for you. Every sound I make is a hope that you will hear it. Every pain I feel is hoping you feel something a million times better. I love you
Isn't he the sweetest? I'm so happy :3
I wanna know if you're doing as awesome as I am. Even if you're not, let me know. Like I always say, you can tell me anything. I'll help any of you with anything. Ive been through most of the things you're dealing with. I have experience and I'll try to make it better. I promise.

~Lexi (Toxic Flame)

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Hey guys and girlz XD

Sup. I posted my 3rd chapter for Dastroya Pills and a new Killjoys fan-fic. leave comments or message me. Thanks for reading them guys.