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Gerard's New Selfie

Is anyone else kinda creeped out by Gerard's selfie? His eyes are all black e.e

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Double the fanfiction!!!

Hey guys. Another blog in one night. Im going to make another fanfiction. This One is a Killjoy one. Some of you have read my fanfiction about the killjoys a fea trata ago(two years ago).
Its about a tren girl who runa way from Bat City when she was a little girl. Her mother was a prostitue and her father was never in her life. Poisen was fixing the car then he herd a crash and rattling sound from the trash. He será her and helps her.
Shes a wanted girl in Bat City for shop lifting, stero to loud, punching her pimp and not pleasing her custamers. The guys dont seem to like her cuz she is a run away and a prostitue. But moter baby a.k.a the girl has a close bond with her. The Killjoys are in for a wild ride.

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Destroya Pills chapter 3

Gerard entered the Lope Lounge doors with his hood of his pullover covering his face. He saw Frank and Jamia sitting five tables on the right of the doors. He walked up to there table and said hi to the both of them.
" Hey man!" Frank smiled and hugged Gerard.
" Sup man. So how is your night going?"
Frank said to Gerard that is was great. Frank mentioned someone was looking for him.
" All this girl gave me was this half napkin. She had a black hoodie. I did't get a good look at her but she said to call her right away. I don't know who she is but she said to call her."
Gerard took the half napkin and went to the nearest phone booth. None of the booths were working so Gerard asked if he could used Franks cellphone.
"Sure man. Here ya go."
Gerard called the number of the napkin. He waited for a few seconds until someone answered the phone.
" Hello. Is this Gerard Way?"

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Attention Residents of CA and NJ

Hello! Jeez, it's been a long time since I've been on here. How is everyone?

Now that I'm back, I have to ask y'all a favor. As you know, I am currently working on a three-part fanfiction series. The first one is set in New Jersey (1994/1995 with the possibility of flashbacks), the second in both California and New Jersey (2005-2007), and the third mainly in California (don't worry too much about the year; it hasn't happened yet). I have never been to either of these states, so I just need some help with the setting. Mainly, the weather.

What is the weather like in New Jersey during winter, spring, summer, and autumn? How would you describe the aesthetic during these seasons?

What is the weather like in California during winter, spring, summer, and autumn? How would you describe the aesthetic during these seasons?

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So I'm sure you all know of Frank's new project. WEEEELL it just so happens I'm going to the record release and I'm gonna see him live AND THEN A MEET AND GREET I'M SO GOD DAMN EXCITED I GONNA FUCKING MEET FRANK you think he'll take a selfie with me??? Oh well, I'll post some pictures when I go

what is a name pft-

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Lady Lilith

I found this painting in an art book while exploring with my friends today :) The title is Lady Lilith and it's painted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. This painting caught my eye and I absolutely love the hair. I thought I'd share because it brought more beauty to my night and I hope you like it as well xo
Rock on <3,

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Destroya Pills chapter 2

Gerard walked around the park till noon time. He went to Franks house to hang till he left to go to the Lope Lounge with Jamia.
" Hey Gee!" Frank smiled in delight when he saw Gerard at his door.
Gerard smiled back and said hello to a young women with dark hair that was medium. He sat down and picked up a gaming controller to an Xbox. Frank had a gaming controller in his hand as well.
" So how was your day Gee? If you don't mind me asking." Frank took a quick look at Gerard.
" It was kinda slow, ya know. I bought a D and D action figure and walked around the park. I walked here so I could keep my mind off of thi-" Gerard stopped himself from telling Frank and Jamia about his dream.
Frank paused the game and looked at his friend. Frank patted Gerard on the back and opened his mouth. Right as he was going to say something Jamia got up from where she was sitting and walked up to Gerard.

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Calling all late nighters!

Any late night chatters??? I'm uber bored. Just watching tv. I'm down for talking about anything :)

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So, moving....very stressful!
I am moving out with my gf, we are 25 and been together nearly two yrs, it will be awesome when we get there but estate agents are fucking annoying!!!
They lie and lie and lie some more, take it from me, there are no honest estate agents...if you find one...tell me please..thanks.
Thats the rant
Lots of love to you guys Killjoys Forever XxX

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Don't wanna go.

Sup Guys, so if some of you can recall, a few days back I posted about how I was at school for 2 weeks straight and some of you were nice enough to congratulate me and that really put a smile on my face so thank you.

But now, the sad but also goddamn annoying part is that I am begining to have awful panic attacks and am begining to feel the need to stay away from the fucked up world.
I woke up almost crying this morning because so much is filling my head.

As some of you know, my dad recently lost his job and we're out of money which is really hard on us now that vacc is coming and all my brothers and I are gonna be packed and we won't be able to go back to Russia with my mum. And this is really affecting her.
She herself hasn't been home for more than 5 years.

Not only that but now we don't have enough money to pay rent so we're moving into our unfinished house in 2 weeks.

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Shitty year

Lost the man I was with for 3yrs to a girl I thought was my best friend. I dated my best guy friend Hunter for 3mon then broke his heart and still am breaking it. I went to Washington dc with my dad, hunter, and my sister Elizabeth. My dad ruined it and caused the breakup of me and hunter. and Now I wish I would have never went on that dam "vacation" I hate my life.

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I'm moving out and finally we finished packing and all that. I'm sad 'cause I'm leaving my friends, but at the same time happy, 'cause I like tl know new places. In my life, I've moved out like 6 times. Today I'm leaving this city and going to another :)
Wish me luck

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Hey guys, so I really don't mean to be one of "those" people but I guess it has to be done.

So I've got this Gerard Fanfic I'm writing on wattpad called "Red, like the blood you shed" about assasins after a war and shit and I was hoping maybe you guys could check it out and tell me what you think.
It'd mean alot to me.


Here's a link;

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Music is my life

You know that moment when you hear a rock song from 2003-2005 come on and it's like a flood of memories? When you hear the sweet sound of guitar strings and wooden drum sticks? When you feel a smile peer onto your lips? When you feel "at home"? When you realize how much those songs, bands and people have shaped you into who you are?
When you thank your lucky stars for music?
When you know that it'll always hold a special place in your heart?


I love that moment.

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1 week-aversary!!! <3

Hey guys! Today is my baby Connor and I's 1 week anniversary <3
wish us luck in our relationship. I've been dating him on and off since February 2013. This time it'll be different cuz I really love him and I really wanna make this work. He's so amazing, sweet and cute. Hopefully all goes well
Tender Lex and Con. TLC babaaaay <3