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Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: grcemeise

Hey guys! As some of you know already, I am going to be in Austria next week! We are leaving tomorrow (Saturday) and returning on Friday. I think we are spending three days in Vienna and two days in Salzburg.

Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: Charlotte Revenge

Sorry I haven't been as active on here lately. My life has just been a big mess. I've been having a lot of medical problems lately. And today it really kicked my butt. I had to leave school early and taken to the doctor. I ended up having to do a bunch of tests.

Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: mcrnut_89

So, I came on here just to see if this was even still here....and it's back!!
Yay! Made my evening.
I've been away for a while due to alot of crap going on.
I can deduce that being an adult isn't great. Lol, and getting older isnt always the best.
But I have a fiancee and a family that are amazing,

Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: dead-on-arrival

If you guys missed my blog yesterday, I started a poll to figure out the average age on this site. The link is in the comments (cause of the spam filter) and it is completely anonymous if you choose to participate. Please only vote once though, to keep it accurate. Thanks!

(If you voted yesterday,

Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: Charbarmanning

I only have the weekend left off school and then I'm back. At least my first lesson on Monday is Drama. Last night, before I had my electronics taken off my, my dad picked up a water gun and filled it up and firing water at me and my brother with it.

Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: vampirekilljoychy

I always wanted to be a musician. And I want to be a chef. And now I am interested in being an artist. I hat having to choose an occupation when I am only 13 years old. I don't even know if I am going to college after high school.

Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: Kawaii.Killjoy

so im getting just a bit irritated that new people are joining just to say that they may come back but you read a post Gerard made somewhere about mcr not coming back but a new project may arise. the tour page is like that because of coding.

Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: KirstenTheFangrill

Hey guys!

Another day of me not feeling well. Today I was supposed to go to work but I still gotta call in ill. I was supposed to do that before 8 am but I was asleep so I'll just tell them that I thought I was able to make it this morning but that it just wouldn't work.

Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: lostn'foundagain

I have this friend.
She goes by Sony,
But her true name
Means Dream.
Just as she is.
She is a dream
In this realm of reality.
She smiles,
And you know it’s
She cracks jokes,
And you can't help
But laugh.
Its her nature
To bring joy.
She is a jewel
As her second name
A rare gift

Friday February 12, 2016
Posted by: Kawaii.Killjoy

good morning everyone. i hope everyone has a good day today. i might post a youtube video about the website but i don't know. so if i do ill post a link here. bye now