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Frankie live

You know, this looks more like just a jam session, and that kinda makes it 500x better

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For school project.

Does anyone know Gerard and/or Frank's email address? i need it for a school project.

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Enuff said

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During The Festival

Sooooooooooooooooooooo hellooooooo everybody!
This is me in a yukata, making faces because that's how I smile, haha! Don't get creeped out, haha! XP

Anyway, I'm doing fine today, but I must go to bed now. Goodnight! :D

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T H O U G H T S //

I think it would be a cool thing - if I could be religious and follow through on it - to pick a new MCR song everyday and just give my comments on it, just how each one makes me feel or whatever. What do you guys think?


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Today in my first hour NJROTC class I received terrible news.
One of the students, Jared O'Dane.... Was dead....
According to the information we were told he was hit by
a car on his way to school today....
He was one of the best cadets and friend anyone could ask for.
The cadets in NJROTC may have known him as Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer O'Dane, a great leader, officer, and cadet
Others knew him as Jared O'Dane a great friend, who was always smiling, could make anyone laugh, and was always there for everyone
Which ever way he was known, he was loved by all, and will be dearly missed

R.I.P O'Dane
We'll never forget you

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Can someone talk to me?


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At least one guy talks to me

Boyfriends ignoring me but there is a guy talking to me..he seems like he cares

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Three small words... little meaning to some
I love you.
only you? How much love can you give to one person?
and what to do with that love,
when it's rejected....
Broken promises and lies.
that's all I am.
And now that's what I've made you.
You were strong before.
Now I've ruined you.
I ask you to look at me.
You say you love me.
I believe it. I disregard the past
and I believe in your love...
because that's all I have
to keep me living here...
All I have to dim my urges for pain...

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Frank iero

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He won't

He won't talk to me

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Gerard way

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Nobody cares

I'm dying inside...nobody cares about anything or anyone but themselves...someone save me

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So confused

I'm bay May or may not b cheating on me...

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I'm so lost in this world.......

i dont even know what im doing.... i continued texting him..... he says he still loves me.... but i dont believe it.....not after the things that went through my mind.... but i told him i still loved him... im sorry.. im just always so insecure... so fucked up and insecure... and sorry.... i can never apologize enough for the shit i have put everyone in my life through.... i am so... so very sorry.... I told him this... he's read my journal... he's read some of the shit that goes though my mind during the day.... it's horrible.... and i will never be able to apologize enough for putting him through that.... subjecting him to my own house of mirrors.... i need some sleep now... this time without the possibility of an overdose on sleeping pills.... i need some natural rest... goodbye all... for now...