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I don't really know what this is

So I've returned, at least for a little bit. After the initial shock of mychem, I've gotten back into listening to them and thank god for that- after all they are my favourite band and nothing can change that. I've also decided to start posting on here again because there are such lovely members of this community and I need some positivity in my life right now- I'm waiting for my results which I'm shit scared about, my anxiety and depression are sky high at the moment and my family is splitting up. Now that I've got all that off my chest, I'm glad to be back on here among all you fabulous people c:

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My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words (cover)

It has been a tradition to post a song I made or cover on this blog.
And it has been a very long time since I uploaded anything on my youtube channel.
And for that, I apologize for my great absence.

This is will be the first upload this year, and surely it won't be the last--I promised you.
I'll let this description tells more:

Hey ladies and gents. I apologize for being inactive for a long time. It has been a stressful time ever since.
So, in an ironic fashion, I made a comeback cover--which is this!
And I do hope you all enjoy Famous Last Words: The Piano Cover.

I want to dedicate this song to the late band itself and especially to another plane tragedy happened recently. My prayer goes to those who have lost the most beloved ones.

"I am not afraid to keep on living,
I am not afraid to walk this world alone
Honey, if you stay, I'd be forgiven,

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Hello Again Everyone

Hey everyone,

Sorry it's been half a year since I've posted anything. I've been distracted with a whole lot of stuff. This post is basically going to be a mish-mosh of what I've been up to.

My best friend finally got her license AND a job, but she has constantly nit-picked on how much she does not like my hair style and how I'm watching my weight. I finally had to tell her to keep her negative statements to herself. And when I try to be the brutally honest and loyal friend I am, she ignores or tunes out advice I and her mom give. It's like she doesn't want to face reality...I have a feeling she's jealous of me since I lost so much weight...I'm getting worried about her. She is almost as heavy as my mom used to be and she's just 24. She complains about her back hurting at least twice a week.

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do you like Green day?

desgraciadamente muchas personas tienen que pasar por esta situación

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I just saw on tumblr that Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens (two of my absolute favorite bands) are going to be touring together and one of the venues is very close for me. I've never been to a concert before, and I want to go without a parent because I feel slightly more limited when my mom/dad is around. Like if they did go I'd want them a decent bit away because I'd be afraid of doing something to make them mad the whole time. So, how should I go about asking? (Plus it might be a school night, which presents another problem entirely)
I'd really appreciate some advice, thanks!

May Death Never Stop You, Killjoys,

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"We'll Carry On"

Dont ever forget that MCR will always be with us in our hearts and we'll carry on their memories

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Nothing In Particular

Ugggggh, I gotta stop revisiting Tumblr now.
It depresses me, somehow. It puts me in the urge of burning the blue site to red aflame--and murder people's dreams, nightmares, desires & unwanted.
I'm dead serious.

But it's nothing--nothing in particular. v3v

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Who has read the MCR book by Tom Bryant then?

Sup guys and girls,
Who has read The True Lives Of My Chemical Romance? Written by Tom Bryant.
What do we think of it?
I wasnt able to get to the meet up in London at the start of June due to work, but an awesome mate got me the book :-)
Also I miss everyone here :-(
Hope everyone is awesome!!

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"You're not normal and I've had enough"

Do you ever feel like no one understands? Do you feel numb and dead? Like you can't go on?
Well guess which bitch has been feeling like this lately?


So earlier this week I asked you guys about homeschooling and some other shit and how to deal with it and most of you guys said;
"Tell someone,"

Well, little-miss-me here, decided to tell her mother and ask to speak with her and father and it went....

Fucking awful.

First of all, it went something like this;

"So mum, can I speak with you and dad today? It's important?"

"What is it?"

"It's about...homeschooling,"

"Gosh Melissa, No! Just give it a rest! Whats wrong with you?"





"Mum plea-,..."

"I said No goddamit!!!"

I then continued trying to reason with her calmly until I lost my fucking cool and broke down in tears.

"You dont understand. I feel uncomfortable," I tried to explain but nooooo she just had to look me in the eye, raise her voice and say;

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What_The_F*ck Tumblr?

So guess what happens when you're off tumblr and internet in general for a week and then decide to come back ?...

You fucking have a feels-heart attack when you're back.

So as you guys probably noticed I wasn't really online much or even at all this week, which is odd for me considering I practically LIVE on the internet and tumblr and this site so you can imagine what happened when I went on tumblr a few hours ago...

All the posts made me smile, sob, giggle, tear up and then just.... mindfuck.

I'm really upset about the band probably (I'm still in denial sadly so I will continue to hope for a reunion) maybe won't get back together but then on the other hand I'm just so happy for the guys and happy that I have you guys and also I know this is a bit off topic but this week I did something I'm really proud of;

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hello friends

Well uh I'm new here....Sup?

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Danger Days

Why was DD not met with such support of the previous album(s). Under appreciated. My favorite, It must be my age.

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hey guys, still alive but just a little bit preoccupied with shit going on in life to be on here a loot, which is a shame. how are you all? i missed you x