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Just an update

Hey Guys

Well I have some stuff to update you on........... So most recently my dog Cody past away and I'm bumbled out about that cause he was so loyal.. My house feels to quite now with out him. Anyways I'm still plugging away at my album and I'm thinking of posting a teaser video soon Cause it's been a long time since you guys hear from my music. I'm also hoping that my album comes out some time in the middle of next year. Lastly I think after the holiday clusterfuck I'm going to try to get back into doing my normal blogging (yes I know its what I said be fore I went on this long hiatus) and hopefully my laptop will boot up and let me do so(so don't get you hopes up to high)

Have a nice day Ryan
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where were you 13 years ago today?

Today is the 13th anniversary of the worst day in America.

Where were you?

I was in 5th grade Home Room we where having a President Game day at school I was supposed to be the President for my class. ( I was in Special Ed)

My teachers all went to a private room for like 20 minutes when the principal called a meeting for the teachers.

None of us kids knew until we got home.

I got home around 3 and my brother had the news on I thought it was a movie at first and asked him hey cool what movie are you watching?

He said no little bro this is real this happened this morning.

I screamed in Horror I was so upset and angry.

My mom had one of the terrorist who flew the planes into the building as a patient where she works.

Even worse I watched them practice run over my house in the summer and didn't know what it was when I should have called 911.

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How Could I...

Forget that yesterday was MIckey's birthday!!!!! I'm such a disaster!!!

So, Happy birthdayy Mickey!!!! I hope you enjoyed it!!! :)

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Short stories

I will try to write a short story every day for my final literature project so here is the first one, hope you enjoy it
Sorry if I have spellibg mistakes, I'm translating :b

The Voice
One night I was on my bed, trying to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be the first day of school and I couldnt stop thinking about lots of things that were going through my mind. I just lost a great friendship and I lost the only person who loved me, but he was so coward that he couldnt tell me and I knew it because someone else told me... But that's another story.
In the morning I dressed with my favourite shirt and jeans with my old converse. I had my normal fight with mom cause she doesnt like my style and got into the bus.
I arrived to school as the "new one". No one had the intention to talk to me, but who would like to speak to a sad looking 16-year old girl who seemed to see no one?

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Ah shit...

Mikey's birthday completely slipped my mind! Fucking school and fucking studying with fucking overemotional parents and fucking homophobic ghosts...

Anyway! Happy Birthday one Michael James Way! Who I fully realized today is almost my doppleganger. (Our personalities are pretty similar.) Have a good rest of your birthday!

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I have said what must be said, well, yelled.
I love you Mikey! You are such an inspiration and well, you're just FANTABULOUS and I look up to you for so many reasons! Oh my goodness, can't believe you're 34! Time flies! You're still rockin, keep on being awesome!!!!!

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Anxiety and Stress!

Hello everyone! So i'm freaking out. Next to a bunch of crap going on with school work and school itself, i've been soo stressed out and oh my gosh, my sleep meds aren't even working anymore, and it seems like nothing is at this point. I don't even know why i'm totally freaking out. I'm so confused......i'm just so stressed out and i don't have THAT much stuff to do.......i have a really important audition on Saturday and i don't know if thats why but i can't even handle myself anymore.....can anyone help? And is this normal? Thanks guys!

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Youth Group :/

Anyone here ever go to a parish youth group thing? I've only been one day so far and I hate it because today my mom made me go to this stupid Decisions of the Youth group thing that's supposed to make me "follow the right path" and it was two f*cking hours. So i get there and they hand me a piece of paper and expect me to go talk to everyone and write down their names. Well, I do not do well in crowds of people I don't know so I ended up just standing in the back corner wanting to go home and I didn't even bring headphones because my mom took them and no one talked to me the whole time so I stood there, alone for 15 minutes until they told us to go sit down. and after that all we did was watch a short video and then talk about our feelings and it was so pointless and boring because everyone was like "oh well life is good and school is hard" and I just edged back so I wouldnt have to talk cause what would I say?

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I can't stop laughing


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*frustrated/bored sigh*

I need to get laid. That is all.

Jessie xo

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An Ending To A Cancerous Relationship

This is my Calling This is my Purpose.

I thought you where mine but you where a joke, I thought you liked me but it was only a game to you.

Now you're gone and I just want to be your friend when everything comes crashing down.

But you won't let me in.

It's all too much; I can feel my lungs collapse on me!!!!!

My Bitter Soul weeps for only for myself after you have left and torn me apart.

I just want to say that I loved you and respected you, I tried to give you everything you ever wanted.

but you just left me like I was a dog tossed out in the rain.

You killed my soul, I have nothing, like clock work you went your separate way and destroyed me.

What is it like? does it feel good? do you love him? is he all you ever wanted?
What all the other boys all promised.
Sorry I told. I just needed you to know.
I think in decimals and dollars.
I am the cause to all your problems,
Shelter from cold. we are never alone.
Coordinate brain and mouth.

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happy birthday mikeyyyyyyy

happy fuckin birthday mikey fuckin way x.0 love you, you inspire me to be who i am no matter how awkward i feel at first, and for that i thank you. hope you have a good day :D

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100 truths

1. Real Name? Rae

2. If you could change your name? Nah. I'm content

3. Obsessions? Reading, writing, and music, drawing, MCR

4. Male or Female? neither.

5. Elementary School? Best years of my life

6. Middle School? - worst time of my life

7. High School? - im a junior and so far it doesnt suck too badly

8. Want to go to college? Yup

9. Natural Hair color? Dirty blonde

10. Tall or Short? I'm average height

11. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans

12. Phone or Camera? Phone

13. Health Freak? Nope

14. Orange or Apple? Probably apple

15. Do you have a crush on someone? i would hope so, im dating them.

16. Eat or Drink? Drink

17. Ever broken a bone? Nope

18. Pepsi or Coke? Normal Pepsi, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Pepsi

19. Been in an airplane? Nope

20. Been in a relationship? Yes

21. Been in a car accident? Nope

22. Caused a fight? sorta. i did throw the first punch but they were the aggravater.


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i cant breathe

Okay, so my cousin got groped and felt up by this guy enough to leave really bad bruises on her breasts. He even split open her lip by biting it. Anyways, my friend (he's gay), goes, "That's crazy! The only time I've ever got bruises is if they held my hips too hard!"

Thus is how I discovered my friend was a bottom.

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Happy Birthday Mikey Way

Happy Birthday Mikey!! I hope you have an amazing day!! <3