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Thursday June 30, 2016
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

hello all,
i have been working for a long time on my fanfic reclist. this is it so far: mama Z's master list if it didn't go through the filter it will be in the comments. It's at 90 fics and not nearly half way done!

Thursday June 30, 2016
Posted by: sidtastic007

Bloody hell, it's been awhile since I heard some new but familiar music that I've been craving to death to hear. I can consider that a birthday gift, thank you very much, internet.
But seriously though, it almost made me want to cry just listening something amazing this year.

Thursday June 30, 2016
Posted by: KittyCatKilljoy

Hello my fabulous killjoys, I need some help.

My life is a mess. Like, messier than Gerard's Three Cheers van-hair. Yup, that messy. So, I've decided to go through and organize my life, just a tad more, to keep me as sane as a killjoy can get.

Thursday June 30, 2016
Posted by: LisaGW

I started watching Greys anatomy some weeks ago i think :P well i srarted watching it during season 12, now i have finished this, and started watching the old seasons and im now at season 2...its pretty cool!

Thursday June 30, 2016
Posted by: neon heart

Right so I might not have a lot of time to post on here. Let me explain :

Basically .. Some of you may know that there is this huge singing competition called the Eurovision where singers represent their countries with an original song and stuff haha idk how to explain it.

Thursday June 30, 2016
Posted by: sidtastic007

Hello again, beautifuls!

I hope everyone is alive and well.
This month's music video is finally up, so I'll leave the link in the comment section for those interested. It is greatly appreciated if you check it out though. :D

If you like that video, just hit the like button.

Thursday June 30, 2016
Posted by: Charbarmanning

I haven't been on most sites over the past couple of days because I've been studying for these tests. I still have this lot to go. Well I had french and english yesterday.

Wednesday June 29, 2016
Posted by: SLAlienBassist


Do the messages on this site work? I was just curious.....


Tuesday June 28, 2016
Posted by: punkxass

Hey everyone

i was curious if anyone wanted to rp on kik with any ships

kik - Perfectlybroke

Tuesday June 28, 2016
Posted by: Liz Killjoy

So i just signed up for this website and I think i just want to write fan fiction on this blog. But I'm going to tell you about me today. I am 13 years old, I live in Michigan and will go to 8th grade in the fall. The emo trinity is my life among other bands. I hope people actually see this.