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Anybody who's looking for inspiration ...

From the best inspirationalist we all know.


just finished an epic school project. I'm joining with fellow class mates to start a new project.... a t-shirt making hobby thing-ish where i and a friend put our art work on them. We're calling it "Zoone" like my user name on here. its like our label i guess. Seems cool, i hope it goes well. <3 mcr

whats up... :)

Hi guys,
So, I'm new to this whole blogging thing and probably suck at it but whatever. I'm a recent fan of MCR and it has inspired me to be a better person.I'm sure its said a lot but their music isn't about the same junk that you here all the time that everyone is obsessed with. I think it gives kids like me a way to express how we feel and a sense of pride. Like we're worth something. I know these lines sound cheesy but it's true. hope to chat more.
-Zoone <3