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All you need is hope

Today i realised its okay to be the real me and that its okay not to have all the answers-i am not perfect and thats okay.

I have hope for the future and i wish for everyone in the MCRMY that they too have dreams and aspirations for their lives and futures whatever they may be.

Love.. Zany Braniac

School sucks!

Im trying so hard right now to just stay calm and carry on but honestly today sucked at school im so overwhelmed.
1. my photo is horrible in my yearbook.
2. my business services subject is horrible and overhwhelming and the only reason im doing it is because there was no other choices. :(
3. i don't have any friends that are girls at school because they all left so now im stuck with a bunch of guys that are nice and friendly but they talk about the weirdest stuff and most of it being a girl i don't wanna hear.

so happy its the weekend

Killjoy ID symbol

My awesome boyfriend who i love dearly helped me out with this symbol after i told him my killjoy ID- he is also a my chemical romance fan <3

My Killjoy ID

In response to a youtube video i saw and peoples comments below i was inspired to create my own Killjoy ID (and had heaps of fun making it)
As you will see my symbol is blank because i haven't decided yet on what mine is going to look like but it will be posted soon.
Killjoy ID: Eclectic Detonation
Since: 2013 (Fan since 2010)
First song: "Im not Okay (I promise)
Favorite song: Famous Last Words
Killjoy Song: Planetary GO!
Killjoy Phrase: "Heaven ain't got a vacancy"
Color: Purple
Status: The MCRMY will never ever die

Being a part of the mcrmy!

I have been a part of this awesome fanbase which is much more like a family for a while now- ever since a senior at my school introduced me to MCR back in 2010. I love this band with all my heart and cannot wait to see them live (whenever that may be)
Being a part of the MCRMY has helped me through difficult times in my life and shown me that its okay to be different, to be unique and to be who i really am.

<3 MCR keep doing the job your doing you are changing peoples lives for the better!!