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YAY more MCR

So happy today was one of those extremely rare days for me where none of my teachers gave out homework so now that i have none i can listen to MCR all afternoon.

Total bliss.


Laura Lejuene

lol i hope i spelt her last name right!

anyways Laura is a youtuber who posts self help videos for various problems namely SH, bulimia, anorexia, body image, anxiety and depression.
She herself has SH, anxiety and depression so you can tell she has been in your spot and knows how it is. She is like 19 now or something and started SH quite young in her teen years. The reason i am blogging this is because when i discovered her videos they really started to help me and inspire me.
So if anyone needs some help with any of those issues look her up its worth it.

Hope all the killjoys out there

Just picked up on something

Okay so lately ive been really thinking that if there were more people to talk to about SH and that there wasn't so much stigma around it so many people either wouldn't do it or would be able to recover more effectively due to better rescources. I am currently in year 10 and i have realised that in my entire schooling life so far none of my teachers have ever brought up SH which is ridiculus. it makes me so mad just to think that they bring up depression, bulimia, anorexia, bipolar and basically any other disorder you can think of excpet SH and SH is probably one of the biggest on the list.

The Runaways

lol i know the movie the runaways came out like three years ago but three years ago my mum wouldn't let me watch it well today i finally watched it and i loved every moment. it was raw, epic and totally rock and roll.

wish music was more like that today (hence why i love MCR it portrays so much of that emotion)

has anyone else seen it?

good morning

Good morning everyone

today the sun is shining i have danger days on full blast (and its annoying the crap out of my family but oh well) and my goal today is to make my boyfriend the best valentines day gift ever in preperation for the 14th . im making it today because with homework and other stupid commitments i won't have time during the week.

going to try and make today a happy day not a sad one.

Hey fellow killjoys

Hey everyone i don't really have anything interesting to post about today i just thought i would post because im feeling down right now i have for a while. its just like a spacey, numb and unhappy feeling stuck in my stomach.
i recently opened up to one of my best friends about a particular problem of mine and he was very confused and sort of upset. i don't think i should have said anything i don't want anyone to worry.

For anyone aware of the butterfly project my goal is to not let any butterflies die.

keeping my own fingers crossed.

hope everyone else is doing great and don't forget Art

The Butterfly Project

Tonight i will be listening to MCR and drawing a butterfly.

If you don't know what the butterfly project is i recommend looking it up because it is amazing and helps so many people.


I had a horrible day today and i have come home feeling crap and really not wanting to return to school tomorrow.
life sucks right now but oh well.

my favourite thing though is creating or finding oxymorons. i love them they are hilarious and really fun. most of mine don't make sense haha.

Examples of my favourites:
1) alone in a crowd
2) Anarchy rules
3) authentic replica

message me some of your favourites :)

To Write Love on her Arms

Hi Everybody!
Recently I discovered the organisation 'To Write Love on her arms' after listening to the song 'The way she feels' by Between the trees. I love both the song and the organisation.

I know it is still early February however on the first of March is Self Harm awareness day so i just wanted to post this so anyone interested will know the date.

On this day to raise awareness and get the conversation going people wear orange ribbons (similar to how people wear ribbons for cancer) and write love or a butterfly on their arms.
(The Butterfly is from an initiation by the Butterfly

Some habits never die

Recently slipped into old habits (i am sure most of you can guess) absolutely pissed off with myself but i couldn't help it. Anger and anxiety overwhelmed me......... i listened to MCR later on and realised how stupid it was. Praying i don't do anything stupid again.
Don't know where i would be without MCR they have saved my life.