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Self Harm Awareness Day

(Sorry that i didn't get around till blogging this till now i didn't have access to my computer for a little while. )

Today (the 1st of March) is Self Harm Awareness Day

If you want to get involved either wear the color orange somewhere (i wore an orange watch) or write encouraging words such as love, strength or hope on your wrists.

Try and Raise awareness if you can the whole point of the day is to de-stigmatise this issue in society and aid people in becoming more supportive and accepting of others.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Zany Braniac

Led Zeppelin

lol im really bored right now and decided to blog.
the only thing that's interesting right now is im listening to Led Zeppelin :P
Anyone else love this band???

Listening to great music such as LZ, MCR and Fleetwood mac totally beats doing assignments any day!

'Creep' by Radiohead

I love this song it just sums up a lot of my current feelings.

Need some Music

Hey Everyone!
I love all of My chemical's romance's music but i really need some new tunes. Can anyone suggest any songs or artists they really love?
BTW i love 70's stuff too

This community is wonderful <3

I was having a pretty deep convo with another member recently and we both realised something pretty important: people online are less superficial and more generous online than their real selves. I put this down to peer pressure and other influences but i think this community is beautiful and so many people on here are willing to help others out when needed and honestly this world needs more people like that in day to day lives.
What does everyone else think??

Im really scared

My parents are forcing me to go to a psychologist for SH and to begin with i don't really want to go because i have it under control myself and don't want to worry them more than i already have.
Of course they are not listening and insist i get some help .
I am really scared though because the first and last time i went to a psychologist it went completely pear shaped and the person i saw was a fruit loop and didn't help at all.
I am just really scared and not sure what to expect.......has anyone ever gone to a psychologist for this problem before and what happens??

All about me :P

Religion: Christian

Grade: Year 10

Sexual preference: Straight

Age: 15

random fact: i love finding new indie rock bands and listening to heavy metal and alternative music
colors: black, purple and red

Killjoy name: Eclectic Detonation

dream: Author or Doctor

favorite movie: billy elliot

favorite author: J.K Rowling

Internet friends: A few and they are all super nice and supportive

Town: somewhere in Australia :P

favorite actors: Emma Watson, Jamie Bell, Ellen page

tv shows: ER (love the early season with George Clooney ), Gilmore girls and Friends and the Carrie diaries

The Pixies

Other than MCR of course one of my new favourite bands is the Pixies in particular this song and the song where is my mind

Valentines Day, T-Rex and Love

Hey Everybody!!!
Happy Valentines Day!

How did everyones day go?

I feel so cherished, my boyfriend gave me the sweetest little bear, chocolates and this drawing that he made me with roses and lillies. It's really pretty.

I spent the majority of this afternoon listening to T-Rex they really bring out all my happy, loved up emotions lol

Hope all you killjoys out there had a terrific day i know i did,


I thought he was different

Today at school my boyfriend and I were sitting on the ground waiting for buses and my cuts were exposed because i had my sleeves rolled up. He pulled my sleeves down and i said to him that i didn't care i am not ashamed of them and pulled my sleeve back up. Then he pulled my sleeve down again and said that he was ashamed of them. I left my sleeve down after that and then our bus pulled up.
I'm not sure why he is so ashamed of them but he hates them and it is such a sore point with him so i never bring it up.
I want him to understand but he never does.
I just felt really down after that :(