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MCRmy Indiana-- Roll Call!

The purpose of this blog: I will be leaving my hometown of New York City at the end of this month. I was unfortunately never able to meet any of the Killjoys who live in my area (I've met some people who live here via Twitter, but I never actually got to meet them in person). I am being relocated, by force, to the city of Indianapolis. My mom thinks I will be able to make friends there. I severely doubt this, as I had found very few people of alternate interests there when I last visited (I found maybe two rockers and nobody else, not even comic book/anime geeks); however, I do have some hope, as I found out via the message boards that at least one member of the MCRmy lives in Indianapolis. Therefore, there must be more of us out there.

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The stuff that's on my mind...

First of all, I hate my subconcious. I had a dream last night that me and my ex were back together. And I just had to wake up. >_> And the fact that I'm still not over him in the first place is bugging me.

On a happier note... the Ramones kick ass. ^_^ I kind of have a thing for the song Havana Affair.

"Baby baby make me loco, baby baby make me mambo!" <3

xoxo Electric Rose

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This is my current hairstlye.

This is the hairstyle I am currently sporting. It doesn't look exactly the same anymore, mainly due to me having laid on it. (I gotta sleep, you know. xD)

The point of this blog is: I like this hairstyle. I'm thinking of making it my trademark hairdo. Also, this will be my Killjoy's default style. So, for an idea of what Electric Rose's hair looks like, just imagine that hairstyle, but purple, with the bangs blue-black. This will be more important later, but for now, just enjoy my badass hair. ^_^

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Huh, it's actually quiet in here....

Seriously, that. Never. Happens. xD I'm just enjoying it while I can... taking some time to ruminate. ^_^ I might even actually get to write! Yay!

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Arise and be all that you dreamed...

This is a long, somewhat emo strory. But it has a happy ending. xD

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Bands that inspire me, Volume 2: Superchick

Some of you may already know this band. Some of you may not. But either way, Volume 2 of my "Bands That Inspire Me" series shall focus on Superchick!

There are not enough words to elaborate on how much this band has helped me over the years. They've been as much of an inspiration to me as MyChem as been. Their lyrics are very empowering, especially if you're female, though I'm sure males will get a kick out of a lot of their songs as well. Seriously, I challenge you to just listen to that one song I put up and tell me you don't feel pumped afterward. I tell you, this band is AMAZING... I'd love to see them live one day. If you're feeling a little down, or like you just can't make it, I highly suggest you check out this band.

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So... I meant to continue my "Bands That Inspire Me" series, but it's too damn late at night now. xD So instead, here's an absolutely beautiful lyric video for Surrender the Night. Granted, some of the lyrics are wrong, but the sheer amount of art, work, and effort the creator put into this thing more than makes up for it. Simply put: fucking epic. <3

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The battle rages on...

So I'm back on the job hunt yet again. Except that now, it's pretty much a race against time.
My mom recently got a job. In Indiana. She's super excited about moving, all her friends are there, and the job pays okay. She's stoked about the move.
I, however, am not. I've been there twice, because mom forced me to apply for jobs there and we both had to go for interviews. Both times, I hated it. It's just so... boring over there. It's awful, not at all as lively as New York.

Here is an overly dramatic account of everything I was thinking this morning. xD It's long and unnecessary, but I just needed to get this stuff out of my head.


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Bands that inspire me, Volume 1: Awaken the Empire

So today, I've decided to talk about other bands that inspire me in some way. I know some of you haven't really gotten over the breakup of MCR... hell, I still haven't... but I've learned the hard way that the best way to get over something is to move on, so while I'm not saying any of these bands will replace MCR, I hope that at least they'll help you to cope somehow. :)

So, first band in this series is... Awaken the Empire!

Awaken the Empire are a very follow-your-dreams oriented band. All the members-- especially Damien Lawson, the singer-- believe that you should do whatever it takes to reach your dreams. Their lyrics are fairly expressive of this as well.

However, last summer, this band did something that both broke my heart and inspired me at the same time, proving they weren't just talking shit...
They cancelled part of their tour.