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The final print...

Is sold out already?! Damn, and I didn't even get to badger my cousins into buying me one.... ;_;

- Storm

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THE SITE IS BACK UP! I can talk to you guys again! ^.^ Mere words cannot express how much I've missed you all! *bearhug!* Champagne for everybody! And not cheap champagne... I'm talking Chardonnay! (Wait a minute, that's wine... oh, fuck it.)

*ahem* I'm getting sappy. Anyway... how have you all been doing? My brain has been pleasantly turned into chunky salsa by this recent mindfuck. I'm glad that the torture is at least partially over and we got an update, though I've got a feeling it will all be worth it in the end. I'm feeling optimistic.

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.... I don't know. I'm just really freaking hyper and have no where to direct it. :p I need to go kill something.... *looks for an axe*

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I'm just kidding, I love Wingdings! xD I'm just mad I can't use that font on this blog. >_>

Can you tell I get really hyper at night? I need to go somewhere. xD

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I find this an interesting dilemma....

I am 20 years old. Legally, I am supposed to be an adult. Yet and still, society treats me, and everybody else my age, like I'm a kid. I have a whole 'nother year to wait before I can drink (even though I won't), I still need my mom's signature for financial aid... I don't get it. Even a college kid is referred to as just that... a kid.

No wonder adults are so fucked up. Well, besides the bills and shit, of course, which are also bothering me. xD You can't be an adult and a kid at the same time, people!

Fuck it, I'll just do what Gerard does... *TV flies out the window*

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We built this city on ROCK AND ROLL!

That's right! We didn't build this city on Justin Bieber or 50 Cent or Hannah Montana... we built it on Disturbed! My Chemical Romance! Linkin Park! Korn! Against Me! Sum 41! Simple Plan! The Sex Pistols! Guns 'n' Roses! Deep Purple!

I'm sorry, this blog is pointless. xD In an attempt to make it less pointless, what are your plans for the holidays?

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Linkin Park just keep on kicking ass...

Wretches and Kings kicks so much ass! ^.^

Now all we need is MCR's new album... My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park released at the same time... *dies from all the epic*

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30 Day Challenge - Day 12

How you found out about this site and why you made one.

On, I'm part of a group for My Chemical Romance fans. I already followed them on MySpace, and I had been to this site before, but never registered because I thought you had to pay to get on (I know, I'm stupid. :p) However, when my cousin died, the MCR group were the only people I spoke to, though I'm not sure why, and I found myself playing Helena on repeat. Two weeks later, I decided I wanted to see what the band's official site looked like, because I'd forgotten about it since the last time I was here, so I came on here, and started browsing the pictures and videos. I wanted to leave a comment on the Famous Last Words video, but had to register first, so I did. Then I noticed that this site had a community, so I just started talking. Glad I did that. :)

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I'm okay now. :)

My Chemical Romance: Reminding us all that no matter how shitty your day has been, inmates still have shittier days. ^.^

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I'm about to make a fake ID and sneak back into high school.

I'm short enough to do it, too. :p I thought I hated my life in high school, but now I hate it even worse as an adult. >_> That was not supposed to happen...

I'm praying for a mosh pit when MyChem starts touring.