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Here he is, the one and only Jet Star!

Okay, why is it that every time I try to draw Ray, he ends up looking feminine? I must have some sort of fetish...

Anyway, hope you like it despite that. I'll probably end up coloring it later and putting it back up.

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Tiny blog full of big things

First of all, Happy Three-Days-Belated Birthday to my idol and father figure, Gerard Way! 37 already... and still doesn't look a day past 20! (Except in that one selfie where he kinda looks like a dad, but that's probably because of the shirt. And the shorts. xD)

I would have posted when I was supposed to, but I have been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking tired lately. Depression and blah... it sucked.

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The Best Twenty Minutes of My Day

I estimate it was twenty minutes, anyway. I felt like a creeper, but I loved it anyway.

I had another dream with Gerard Way in it. It was kind of surreal, like it was a scene in a movie, but felt so real at the same time...

I was in some sort of school building. I have no idea why I was there. All I know was, Gerard was there too, herding some kids onto it (I think they may have been a little under my age). He was wearing all black (a long-sleeved t-shirt and skinny jeans), and had long black hair, and was telling us all to come to him if we had any questions. I walked up to him, performed a mock salute, and said, "I have one: are we all going back to school?" He just laughed and let me on the bus.

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I'm starting to get worried...

I really am. And I might worry you guys too, and if I do, I'm sorry. I just need to get this off my chest.

So as you guys already know, Gerard has announced that he is taking the URL to this site off his bio, and that the MCR official twitter is going down as well. It seems the last few remnants of the band are beginning to fade away...

Here's what worries me about this. Anyone ever heard of a band called Drive A? If not, they were an independent punk rock band that I discovered in 2010. Their music is awesome, I posted a video of one of their songs in this blog for you guys.

Anyway, the breakup of MCR reminds me of the breakup of Drive A, in the way that it happened. The band was supposed to be having a tour that year, but they had to cancel a few of their shows due to having been signed to a major label. They were planning on releasing a new album with this label, a follow up to The World In Shambles.

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Great, it's back again...

These days have been feeling so long... Even more so now. It feels like an eternity since my last blog, but it's only been three days...
All my bad feelings are back again. I tried to get rid of them, I really tried. I thought that I was better. I felt better.
But I guess I'll never be better until I'm away from that devil woman I call my mother.
Twenty-three years old and still I don't have a home... I had thought this would be over by now.
Guess that's what happens when you must live around hypocrites.

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The Universe Hates Me

So I got my copy of May Death Never Stop You on Friday! ^_^And my mom ruined the thrill a little bit. Rather than waiting until I got home to see if I knew what the box was (it had my name on it, and yet she somehow thought it was an order of hers -__-), she decides to open the package. Goddamn...
So, after obsessively hugging the casing and assuring it that I would never let her hurt it again, I carefully and lovingly opened the plastic (am I a freak or what? xD), pulled out the liner notes, and read them. The boys sure do have a gift of making you laugh when you kind of want to cry.
I decided that I would watch the DVD the next day, so that I could enjoy it alone. However, I should have known that my mother opening my box was a bad omen.

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How stupid does this sound?

I'm on my way home from my new job. I'm listening to All MCR Radio (the MCR playlist on my phone). As I'm listening, I'm thinking about the breakup.
I actually almost blamed myself for the breakup. Can you believe it? I was thinking the universe took them away from me because I didn't listen to them enough, because I tried to, um, erase myself a couple of times, etc.
Almost as soon as the thought entered my head, I realized how stupid I sounded. First of all: this didn't affect just me. Second of all: I kniw none of the members personally, so what could I have done?

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The last night I lie

Too many times.
Too many times I was sure I'd changed.
Too many times I'd said "enough is enough."
Too many times I swore I'd never let myself be pushed around again. That I'd stop letting myself be controlled.
Too many times have I broken my own promise to myself.

Somewhere in between the 21st and today, it happened again. A euphoria rose in my body. And once again, I had said "enough is enough."
But this time, I mean it.
This time I'm sure.
I've wasted enough time. Let too many opportunities slip by. Been told what to do for too long.

This time, I'm going to dive in with both hands open. And I'm gonna grab every opportunity I find and hold it tight and never let it go.
This year, it's going to be different.
I'm gong to do what I want for once. And I'm going to have some fun.

In other news: I got a digital copy of MDNSY, since I reordered it from Amazon. I suppose I should have waited until I got the CD to listen to the songs. But I couldn't.

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I forgot I was supposed to start training today. -_- Thank goodness it wasn't too much of a problem to fix... this is what happens when you order a Greatest Hits album from your favorite band that broke up and then don't sleep for two or three nights afterward. xD

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I reordered May Death Never Stop You! :D I had to get it from Amazon, I didn't have enough to get it here. I'm a little sad I won't be getting the shirt, but I need to have that album. I MUST HAVE IT. O.O

I'm gonna stop being creepy now. Carry on, Killjoys.

xoxo Tric