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Funny picture

I haven't been on in a while i know but I decided I'll get on today...
My band is going to start very soon, i so excited!!!!

I've missed my friends, and mcrmy on here!!!!


My Chemical Romance has to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wondering

Can we have a killjoy name longer then two words or is that an understood rule???

It saddens me

Don't have the money to buy the new cd, sucks doesn't it,
and high school sucks too if i might add.
If anyone has any good song suggestions please reply to this...
I need to listen to other songs, because my old ones are boring me.

WILDCARD *******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this video, plus it makes me think of Frank Iero...for some weird, odd reason that is unknown to me. so don't ask.


Whats with all the killjoy names...Can I have one?TTwTT

Good luck MCR in "Germany"

Wow....this video will brighten up your day....If you could only understand this little bundle of joy...I bet this kid knows something that we don't.


I haven't been on here in a while...But this Saturday I finally did, and that trailer came up and I was like WTF!!!!only because of the rollar skating dude...Then it was totally mind rape...Esp to my 6 yr old cuz...The video frightened him...He was all like is that GERARD...Is it???? with freakin hugh bug eyes....Then he started crying cause of his hair, it was so freakin funny to hear a 6 yr old crying over how Gerard's hair is just so beutiful....and how he is an angel....and how he has a heavenly voice....Wow....

I just found a new drummer for My Chemical Romance...

Damn...If they got that drummer they would be even more bad ass then they are now...It's like a combination of Bob and Frank...Damn I love this wrong with this man???He also looks very pissed for some wierd reason.

Gerard Way needs to do a cover on this song...

I think Gerard would do a wonderful job of this song...cause he can sing his ass off...And its a lovely song...God I sound like a gay fag fan girl, but I'm just saying.