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Happy late-b-day Mikey.

Happy late b-day Mikey! I know I was a day late but I was doing my Homework and once I went to this Page dinner was ready.and after dinner I went back to Homework. I was going to say it but, i ran out of time. so.... happy late b-day and hope ur wishes comes true ( not trying to be creepy....).

i've never been so confused before...

It's been 4 weeks since I watched adult swim anime. In anime they have a rule don't miss a episode or else you'll get lost. I miss 4 weeks 2 new anime shows are now there. Deadman Wonderland is done and I don't see ghost in the shell and the 2 new anime shows i don't get at all. haha that's what I get for not watching anime for 4 weeks in adult swim! XD moral of this blog don't skip a anime episode or else you'll get lost! XD

I'm out,

school sucks(sometime)

On the 1st day of school ( 9-4-12) was the worst day of my life... I felt really alone. On the morning I woke up alone( my dog comes out of his bed when wants to got to the bathroom or beg) my dad left for PT (He's in the army) so we didn't say bye. My mom was asleep (i woke up at 5am) and I got ready and I ate dumplings for b-best. and I listen to MCR. So i read, i didn't talk to anyone, and i sit alone. it was the worst day of my life. but when I listen to "I'm Not Ok(I Promise) my day changed. I felt like i left the world... the 2sd day was the same but my dad and I said bye.