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let's just say i had a blast

Ah yes the sweet sweet sweet oct. fest. yes i went there today with my family and my mom's friend. with all of them was such a blast!!!!!! :D can't wait to go the Richmond oct fest (to all u people who lives in VA it's in Oct. 27 2012)

thank you so much guys who helped me ^-^

Thank you so much for helping me! i promise i'll try my best to work on my courage guys! ^-^

frog out! (sgt. frog fan will get this line)

today sucked

today really sucked. 1st i slept late cuz my friend have a problem and i couldn't sleep. then i felt useless cuz i couldn't do anything to help him. and i felt really useless when some jerk said that she was my friend boyfriend best friend and that jerk was trying my friend and him to break up and then that jerk swear at her. and when i got home i worked on a video for a mouth now and when i posted up i accidentally copy right and now i'm banned for posting home made video in facebook for my club. and now i really lost all of my pride.

i'm out


Finally I can share my feelings

I feel like i can share my feeling without getting yelled at or being tolled at. :) I'm happy! I really love this page. I can finally share my feeling. :) ( the only thing i shared my feeling was my notebook)
Finally I can share my feelings.

tell then,

i'm out,


please read this and tell me what's wrong with me. i need to know...

Ok ever since I moved to Fortee VA, I always dream of my friends and when that happens I can never sleep or sometime when I don't dream of my friends I can't sleep at all. please tell what's wrong with me? and this is the 1st time this happen to me..

i'm out YunYun

Only 2 more years and sorry about last blog

Only 2 more years till i get out in the army. You know, I'm not going to miss it at all. I hope my dad can find a good job in Helena AL! i loved my old school (HMS) and I loved my friends too. i can't wait to see them again. and sorry about the last blog. ... i was kicked out Algebra I (cuz i black out when it comes to quizzes. I'm good at it but i freak out when ever i'm testing.) and now I'm taking math 8th. joy. hey i learned something in a hard way. and did u know if u cry all night and you're really stress out, you have a cold the next day!! I didn't know that!

she took it all.....

my teacher mrs.powers.... she took all my pride and my joy.... u see i have learning disabilities... and i loved that class... for once in my life felt like a normal student... and she took it all away form me... people who does have it well never know how it feel like.... i... i.. HATE THE ARMY I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO U ENJOY ARMY!!!!! U TOOK MY ONLY REAL FRIENDS I MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUH DO U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U TOOK MY HOME I LOVED FOR THE 1ST TIME!!!!!!! btw i moved 5 times and i'm only 13.... for once.... i loved AL all my friends and my family like friends...


No matter how hard in life you face they're is always light at the end of ur dark lonely tunnel. you'll never be stuck in ur dark tunnel forever! one day you'll find it. go for it. no matter how dim the light is, go get it! trust me on this! also never kill your self. it's only a weakness. screw all the people who hate you! only pay attention to the people who love you! it's just a little thought went into my mind!

i'm out,


Ok I'm making a Yuki Sohma video and I want to know which song from MCR is best for Yuki! i need to know! please tell me!! oh if u know why I'm making this video because I'm in a group called fruits basket fan club page if you have face- book check us out! here's the link

and also can u please tell me a song before THIS SUNDAY. :D and I'm in charge of making videos and posting video's form other websites. man i need more people to help me in my videos.


school was ok. but i made a new friend in gym class today! :D we both love black butler ( a anime show) so we talked about it! and I had a blast in gym too! I can't wait till Thursday to go to gym. ( i have an odd and even day) lets see what else....... .... .... ... oh yeah!! i took a assessment test today...

i'm out,