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ok does anyone know how this?

ok i'm badly low self esteem low confidence does any know how to get it higher? if so tell me!! please!

i really hate the army

do you enjoy this? huh do u? u ruined my life and you ruined other kids life. all the things I love very much r gone. I know some people will get mad at this but unless you've been in the military u won't understand this. but how long can i fake smile and fake being happy. i try my best to stay happy. i know i can't keep this up forever. i don't tell my true feelings. i just keep it for myself. i'm so sick and tired of everything. I'm sick of moving. i'm sick of being used. i'm sick of being lost. i'm sick of being sad. i'm sick of being depressed. i'm sick of being tired all the time.

Kaiser why!!

today when i tried on my Halloween custom i went down stairs cuz i heard a very loud noise... then. my dog grab my fox tail and chewed on and chased me and i was running for my life and my dad, my mom, and my mom family laughed at me XDDDDDD (she was talking to them in her laptop.) Oh kaiser...XD love ya my cute little-big buddy!! he's a lab mix.

oh dad :P

Today when he was playing World of Warcraft he ask me a question

dad: Would u like to learn how to cook?

Me: sure..

Dad: then go move the sauce

me: well that wasn't the kind of the answer i was lookin for...

dad: lol

u got to love dad's XDD

you got to love moms XP

ok my dad use me a lab rat for the fake blood here's what happen

Dad:*drips blood on my arm*

me: mom.... i'm bleeding......

mom :oh it's going to get on ur shirt.

dad: i knew she'll say that... -_-

me: well then XD

dad: wait u wont see it cuz she's wearing a black shirt! :D


it's almost been 1 year ever since i moved to VA fortlee. tomorrow or sat will be 1 year... :( but only one year till my dad gets out in the army!! :D

you know wha i hate...

i really hate those people who call them self stupid and they still got an a+ in there class.... i just want to yell at them and said "SHUT UP!!!! I HAVE AN C!! AND U HAVE AN A+!!!!!!" or when they don't get something and they're pass with flying colors in their class and call them self stupid i just want to yell at them.

well now i know i can't sleep even more.

ok this week i've been sleeping a whole lot more in my free time and i passed out in lunch (like sleeping)... i felt like crying in school and home. and today one tear can out of my eye in civics i felt a extreme heat out of my eyes so yeah... i forced my self not to cry... and I've been sad this week too. well... Next week will be 1 year since i moved out of AL Helena... and this is the 5th time i moved and i'm 13. i loved Al. for the 1st time i made real friends and my 1st best friend i ever made in my life and i made other close friends too... i loved them.. they were so close to me.

what am i'm feeling?

I feel very tired ok more then tired, i'm exhausted. and some odd reason i'm very sad. maybe i saw 2 close friends talking... or i just got a memory from 6th grade (i'm in 8th grade). maybe that's why.

worst HW ever..... i'm watching the debate.....

happy... joy.... joy... joy. i have to answer question for this debate... and i'm bored to death....

forggy out