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just be thankful...

ok so Thanksgivings is Coming soon. Be lucky that your aunts, uncles, cousins, or your grandparents are going to be there. none of my other family is going to be here. oh yeah be lucky that your brother or sister still live with u. my 2 sister moved out. but i'm so thankful that i'm going to my mom's friends house this Thanksgiving.

I'm out,



ok so far i took my 9-week test. and only pass math (i got a 96 on that :3) and i fail the rest T^T. today i'm going to a school trip and then i'm going to a hotel sleep over party. sounds a busy today :D


Ok i just got a MCR calender cuz i got a 3.42 GPA (my school grade system is jacked up. like 85 is a C+ or a 92 is a B+) two more things!! i'm going to a field trip tomorrow and i'm going to a hotel sleep over party on the same day!!

today sucked.

well today sucked i end up doin homework 11am-3pm . i ended up getting so stress that i almost cry. oh yeah the best part of it my teacher didn't thought half the things in my packet. oh yeah this is from science. my mom has been sick for a couple weeks. then i got to relax for a bit till. i forgot to clean my bathroom and i forgot to wash my cloths... then around 8:02 i clean my bathroom. and then my mom my dirty cloths and acted like a drama queen and said to my dad and I "she being to like her sister.

oh my god really... just REALLY!

ok in FB (facebook) i post about the army and it was kind of thing where i'm mad and sad. and i get legislature (sorry if i misspell that. not the world's best speller) by my best friend. i don't get it when ever anyone post it like that other people will sweet talk them instead doin bull crap stuff. oh right... she'll never understand. no matter what. no one can understand the military brat pain and military family pain about their love one.unless if ur in the military or u had in the past then you'll understand.

this is weird/scary.

ok when i heard the huge bang sound i check all the rooms in my house everything was in place nothin has been broken or fallen and still my dad doesn't believe me.

this is scary....

ok when i was in the bathroom just a sec ago i heard a huge bang. my dog was sleeping and my parents were sleeping too. ok now i'm freak out.... first the weird thing on Hallween now this? ( read the old blog to understand this) what do u think?



ok this is weird and a bit scary for me

ok on Halloween night when i was in bed i heard a huge bang in my closet then i heard crackles my wardrobe... then when i woke up everything was in place nothing has fallen. then on the morning of Halloween my mom heard a huge bang my dog got scared.. and nothing as broken or fallen... When i did my home work English book report i was watching iron man 2 then in a middle of a part i heard a deep voice saying Hiya.then last night my dog slept with me all night then when he jump out of my bed he walk for a bit and cried out of pain close to my closet... what do u think?

Happy b-day frank and Happy Halloween!

happy b-day frank! and Happy Halloween everyone! hope u had a epic Halloween!!