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as some of u know had a bad glitch that all the people who got nominated all their votes r gone. so i'm asking u killjoys TO HELP BLAKE WIN!! please help him!! he need to win!! he had 800 votes and all of them r gone. here i'll give u a link and u can vote just find his name: Blake Bliss News. please i'm asking you.

all right i wont post anything around feb cuz of exam and 9 weeks testing so

i'm out,


Ok my aunt wants me to go to Orlando and I haven't seen here for 13 years and I don't know anything about her and my grandmother lives there too. Long story short my grandmother doesn't love me. And my aunt she doesn't know me either shoot I never talked to her I don't know who she is or what does she looks like. And I'm going by myself. But the only family I know and trust r my grandfather and my 2 other aunts. And my mom and dad doesn't really like the plan. Its.

Dear people who think that they're so cool.

1st of all ur not cool. and of u think ur so cool for calling me weird, goth, nerd, loser, geek. crazy, scary, or etc. of name calling then 1. ur stupid and 2. just shut up!! then don't remind me! yeah so what i'm goth, weird, goth, nerd, loser, geek, crazy, or scary looking. but do you know what? IT BEATS FOR BEING THE SAME!! AND I'M SO PROUD OF MY SELF FOR BEING ODD AND SO DIFF. FORM ANYONE ELSE. cuz one day i will pass with my band with Miranda! and i will watch for u all people who were so mean to me fail and being the loser. ha.

marry x-mas!!!!

hey marry x-mas and be lucky what u got! yes if u are wondering i feel really lucky for what i have! i feel lucky that right now in this sec. i'm in my oldest sister house. :) even if just ur parents be lucky. it could be worse. if ur parents can't get along and they always fight or other bad things then don't worry you'll have ur best x-mas year sooner!! :D if ur grandparents never come cuz one of is broke and another is making excuses and the got divorce. then i know how u feel. it's been 5 years since i've seen them and it's been 5 years since i talked to them.

i almost cried

right now i almost cried. i'm listing to the new MCR song that is called The Light Behind Your Eyes. the reason is when i was in 6th grade i made my 1st and real best friend. she means the world to me. you see i'm in the army and when i made a best friend it was time to move (this is the 5th time i moved) and then i got on depression. with out MCR or my best friend lets just say i wont be typing this. yes. i don't know how i can thank them enough. even i'm still on depression i know i can't give up.

Look what i did

Yup i made it. i got really bored so i made it! what do u think??

hey guys

ok i have a new band called My Raven Madness if u have facebook do u think u can like my and my best friend band just remember it wont be really active cuz i live in crappy fortlee VA and she lives Helena AL, so if she comes to my house over the summer maybe then it will be active for a bit but i'll post something almost everyday. thanks

i'm out,


you know...

well then i got used by a girl... this sucks. and it's not the 1st time it happen to me...

Ok this how i see MCR.

The way i see MCR is this:

At 1st they are a tiny Black rose that it's pedals haven't bloom. but slowly the black rose and its pedals grew bigger and bigger. Later the Black rose's pedals are so big and beautiful, even it's black it shines like a bright color rose when the suns touches it. years pass by and the Black Rose keeps growing and growing and its black pedals keeps getting more brighter. Then all off sudden the Pedals beings to slowly fall but each pedal that fall the a new pedal changes into a different color.

does ur mom say this to u?

ok me and my mom can and can't get along at the same time.
but since she is the year of the snake she can say cruel things

ok i'm used to this "you can't do anything right!!!" top it off she said it to me today when i couldn't find something.

but i hate hate when she said this to me

" Why can't u be more like her?!?! (like all girly, wears dresses, and ect. about girly things)

to me this was the most cruelest thing she said this to me
"Why can't u be gorgeous like ur sister tawny ( she lost 40 or 30 pounds and she had a makeups and a dress too)" luckily my sister saved me and said "mommy!