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I couldn't buy you a rose...

So I drew you one, instead. Happy birthday, Anyssa :) This is the front of your card, I'll give it to you in a bit. :D

7 years of sobriety!

Congrats, Gee. We're all proud of you. :)


My haircut in it's natural state.
Mef mef..... flyaways.

PS... the last picture was backwards + the lighting made my hair look brown :P

My Chemical Bromance

I know it's mainstream, but it's fucking hilarious! :D Never fails to make me laugh. :)
I'm in love with that guitar player.......
Note: You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring is in here somewhere..................

Danger Days Confusion

Some of you guys are saying that MCR didn't write all the songs on Danger Days, but that's not true. I took this screen shot from Wikipedia, and it states that the songs were written by Gerard, Frank, Ray, and Mikey except where noted. As you can see, where it's noted, it includes Bob. Basically, it's just that some were written with Bob and some weren't. This is also in the credits thing at the end of the album. I believe it says states the songs written with Bob and the others were without. Well, not said exactly like that, but basically it says that.
If you don't believe me, look for it

I've Lost My Fear Of Falling

This isn't the best quality ever, and it isn't the full thing. The quality is even worse when I try to get the whole thing, though. Anyways, here it is, my first drawing inspired by MCR. :)

We're never truly afraid of heights, our only fear is falling from them. Once you stop thinking about the death below you, that's when you realize how beautiful the world is.


PS... Stay safe, everyone in the UK.

I can't stop thinking about this....

Last night, I couldn't sleep. I pulled out my sketchbook and a pencil, and started on my first MCR inspired art. It's inspired by the line "I've lost my fear of falling" from Deathwish. I'm wondering if I should go finish it............. if I do, this song will be on repeat. If I don't finish it now, I'll probably finish it tonight. Just thought I'd share. :)

Child abuse.

A little boy went up to his mother and said "Mommy, I drew you a picture with lipstick on your bedsheets." With anger, the mother started to hit the little boy until he was unconscious. Feeling guilty, the mother started to cry and tried to wake her son up. But it was too late, his heart had stopped. After, the mother went to look at the picture on her bedsheets, and it said: "mommy i love you." :'( Isn't this sad? Repost if you are against child abuse! Because even the smallest things can cost a little boy's/girl's life.

Lost In Time Ch. 7

Chapter 6: I told you this would be longer......

Lost In Time
Chapter Seven

I woke up in a white room, laying on a bed. Something thick and uncomfortable was wrapped around my neck. I reached up to find a neck brace.
Charlie walked in, "Hey, Jade. You doing okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
He sat next to me, "You drank every fucking beer in my fridge."
"Didn't I say i wouldn't do that? Charlie, you really need to stop me after I've had just one."
"You punched me in the face." He pointed out a bruise next to his eye.
"Oh, Charlie,

Cut my hair, gag and bore me.

Minus the gag and bore me part.
I got my hair cut today.
The shampoo smelled like apples....
I usually don't wear my hair this straight... I'll post pictures of it natural tomorrow or something :P
My mom hates it, my little sister loves it :D
What do you think?

Love you!