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Chapter Two: One Hundred and Twenty One

I stepped onto the bus, joining the few people that shared a birthday with me. I made my way forward, and found a lonely spot in the back.
After making a few more stops to pick up the rest of everyone who just turned eighteen, we took the long drive to the adult world. There were twin girls sitting in front of me, whispering about how they imagine it to be.
Three hours of a long drive later, we finally reached the city in the middle of



You'll see in the future the Killjoys are NOT good people

"I dont' want to sell the kids rebellion, the corporation in the videos, Better Living Inc., isn't necassarily evil-it's not the Killjoy's way of life. The Killjoys are trying to blow up the world. And that's what I'm trying to convey to kids: We're not telling you to blow up the world. Good guys vs. Bad guys; it's not clear. You'll see in the future the Killjoys are NOT good people. I stopped becoming interested in rebellion a long time ago. I feel that this generation has no interest in it, either." -Gerard Way

Alternative Press magazine from like 7 months ago or something.

Wildfire (read if you give a crap about people in Texas)

The Bastrop fire. Honestly, I'm a little scared inside. Bastrop isn't too far from where I live, I was in the domain with my mom today, and we could see the smoke in the distance.
Updates on the fire:
It's already killed a mother and her child, and has swallowed over 300 homes whole.



Chapter One: Eighteen.

I picked up the filthy plate, and brought my sponge to it, wiping off the strange substance my mother calls, "food."
"Thanks for helping me with the dishes, Jason." My mother said, taking the plate from my hands and rinsing it off.
"I figured i'd help. After all, I am leaving tomorrow."
Tomorrow was the day I turned eighteen. I've heard it from my friends who had siblings who already left. Once you turn eighteen, you join a literal adult world. Everything is supposed to be easier, there.
The fact that my mother was a robot mean she reacted to this casually.

12ishpm CT, and some news for readers.

The power went out today. :O It's not like I didn't see it coming... it's still 100F here in TX...... but I'm guessing that's what normal weather is like. Yes, it went out at 12ishpm.... didn't come back on until 3pm. Like, just a little bit ago :)

Anyways, my readers, I don't know if you couldn't tell...... I gave up on Lost In Time. I do have all 9 chapters here, though:
I HAVE STARTED A NEW STORY. I started writing it by hand when the power went out and the first chapter is almost done. :)
I forgot how great it feels to drag

Beatles is all that keeps me happy.

Currently blasting Beatles, trying to forget about Mike.
The question is: WHY?

It hurts, Mike.

PS. I just found some Korn on my mom and dad's account...... :O *shocked*


The 2nd highlight of my day (theatre being first.... I have choir later in the day)
Anyways, WE'VE STARTED WORKING ON A SONGGGG :D It's not the one below, though. It's all foreign and stuff....
I just thought I'd share with you a warm-up song that's been stuck in my head ever since choir today.

I was passing by, my brother called to me.
And he said to me; you'd better take time in life.
Better take time in life, better take time in life.
Better take time in life, 'cause you've got far ways to go.

Anyways.... I'M A TRIANGLE!

The victims of hurricane Irene.

- Michael Scerarko, 44, dies Sunday when a tree fell on him in his yard.
- Walter J. "Gator" Bruder, 59, of Harrisburg, dies when a tree topples onto his camping tent.
- Richard C. Shotwell, 41, of Wilkes-Barre, dies when a tree falls on his camper in Luzerne Country.
- Jason Dahms, 39, of Hellertown, dies in an accident in heavy rain on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Carbon County.
- Patricia O'Neill, 64, of East Norriton, is found dead in the Wissahickon Creek a half-mile from her car.

- Michael Kenwood, an emergency medical technician, dies after being knocked

Lost In Time

I swear, YOU GUYS HATE ME. :( I understand, I can't stand myself, either............................. :'(

Lost In Time
Chapter One

I was sitting on the couch with my best friend, Charlie. He had invited me over to watch a couple Harry Potter movies. He was always such a nerd.
The Prisoner Of Azkaban finished and Charlie's face lit up. He adjusted his glasses, "There's something I want to show you, Jade." He grinned.
Charlie led me to his basement, and turned on the light. There was a little machine on a small wooden table. He walked over to it and waved me over.
"I've figured out how to time