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A-Z what you love ❤

A - A's on my report card :P(cheesy, but it keeps my hopes up)
B - Bacon. 'Nuff said.
C - Cheesy smiles. They make me so giddy inside :)
D - Digging through piles of junk. The coolest things will pop up.
E - Elephants. They are so cute :D
F - Fairy stories. Yes, I love Tinkerbell.
G - GRAPES. Always yummy.
H - Hello's from friends. I really love getting a hello. ❤
I - Igloos. I've always loved igloos. I'm weird.
J - Mr. Jones the obese cat farmer. It's an inside thing..........
K - Kittens! Not cats, kittens. I know. Odd.
L - Lollipops! Halloween always supplies great amounts of them.
M -

So I found this......


No regrets

......... right?
Coke was originally green. Think about that for a bit.

Oh my gosh it's been two weeks already :O

I rarely ever blog on here anymore *bites nails* sorry.
I need to keep you guys updated. Really. So I shall give you some updates on me.
I was in a play. We went to contest. Got superior, with a matching all-star cast award. It was amazing :)
My makeup for it should show up.... if not, well.... I don't have that answer. Whoops. O-O anyways, that's what's been happening lately. I joined art youth today and drew this amazing panda :) remind me to share with you a picture of that. I'm too lazy right now :P
Oh, did you guys remember to wish on 11-11-11 @ 11:11? I did. :)
Excuse my crap picture :|

How was your halloween?

My day went amazing. It. Was. Perfect.

Happy birthday to....


Hey guys.

Haven't seen you in a while.

I figured it out.

♥ I can do a heart. I have a stupid apple keyboard without the number thingy on the side and I figured out where to find the ♥'s.
And I can do a pretty heart. SEE ❤
Okay, bye now. ☺

What are YOU going to be for halloween?

I'm going to be a zombie! :)

When dreams come true.

I went to the most magical experience one could imagine, my first concert ever.

On the 26th of september (only a few days ago... i still can't believe it), I went to the MCR/Blink 182 concert, and had the best experience in the world.
Standing first in line with my all amazing dad who bought the tickets, and came early from overseas to take me, I was ready to head in. The first thing I did was buy the exterminate shirt, and the light-up bracelet. I needed my merch first :)
Fast-forward, Matt and Kim are opening up. Now I will quote Matt, "I heard everything's bigger in Texas.