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The Ghost of You Part 2

Hope you didn't miss part 1!

The Ghost of You Part 2

Frank's P.O.V.
"Do you want some more ice?" The nurse just wouldn't leave me ALONE.
"No, I'm fine."
"You sure?"
"YES." Yes I am, bitch. Ever since Gerard knocked me over my ass has been flaming like CRAZY.
"So Frank," Gerard said as he and Ray walked in, "Is your butt feeling all better?" Ray snickered at me.
"His buttocks WOULD be better if he stuck some ice up there!" The nurse joked. We all laughed, "buttocks", why is that such a funny word?
"You guys are

I'd strongly suggest the intro before reading this
Let's start, shall we!

The Ghost of You Part 1

Meg's P.O.V.
A letter from the military, please be good news, I thought to myself. I opened it slowly, the whole time Mikey's girlfriend, Jen, watched. She was as scared as me, just last week she got a letter saying Mikey died in the war.
She came up and looked over my shoulder as I pulled the piece of paper out of the envelope.

Jen's P.O.V.
I could tell Meg was scared.

Fanfic... intro :P


I heard Ray Choke out, I could hear the fear in his voice.
"I'm sorry, I have to. I really wish I could be there next to you."
"I just wish things weren't like this."
I felt my eyes start to water, and my stomach tightened.
"I love you Meg, I hope you remember that. I promise, I'll come home soon."
"I love you too. I'm just scared for you."
"Nothing will come between us, you're the most important thing to me-"
"Then why aren't you here?"
I immediately regretted saying that... I didn't want us to fight, not now.
"Babe, understand me. I have a job to do.

Fan Fiction?

I've already started writing one, but I'm unsure about posting it. :P It's more of something to do when I'm bored, but I've become a little proud of it :) I just love writing, should I post the intro?

Tried The Google Thing

My recording of Na Na Na:


This is my first blog :) I just signed up a few days ago. Not much to say... just hi :)