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Amazing Artwork :)

My friend, Anyssa, came over today.
I was drawing and she was making a cape.
At some point she wanted a stapler and we went looking for one.
We found the paint and combined our names to make: Anysha :)
We made a painting of that and finger painted around it.
It's going on my wall later on :P
Ugh we're such children :)

What happens to me when I get bored...

I got super bored and started writing on my knuckles last night. I've been looking for something to write in the style of Frank's 'BOOKWORM' tattoo and i realized 'ILOVEYOU' fits. :)
I took a picture and sent it to my friend (who recently moved)
Little did I realized, you can also fit 'ILOVEMCR" !! How cool is that?!
Ignore the face behind the hands, It was late and I wasn't wearing makeup :P

The Only Hope For Me Is You Part 2

Part 1!
I'm just going to say it. Whoever gives me their killjoy name FIRST, gets to be Lindsey. SHE NEEDS A KILLJOY NAME! I want to give her one in the next part, but I won't write it until I have a killjoy name for her.

The Only Hope For Me Is You Part 2

*Fun Ghoul's P.O.V.*
We ran around the back of the building we last had Party in. Yes! A back door! Thing was, there was a chain on it. Not even something you could take off, it was sealed and kept the door shut. I pulled out a knife and started sawing through it.

The Only Hope For Me Is You Part 1

INTRO: (very important)
I just got done editing this, hope you guys like it!! :)

The Only Hope For Me Is You Part 1
Jen: Neon Rose
Meg: Shadow Fire
Jen's Son (Zed): Legend Killer
(this is how it'll start, if you can remember Lindsey and Jamia were captured by BLI)


*Neon Rose's P.O.V.*
"Kobra!" I called, running into the kitchen, where Kobra was.
He placed his hand on the counter, calm as ever, "Yes, dear?"
I crossed my arms, "Where is my son?!"
"Oh, well, he's not here."

The Only Hope For Me Is You INTRO

This is the sequel to my last fanfic... :)

(2012... shortly after the fires were extinguished)

The surrounded us... no way out. I looked to my left, Korse walked in front of Bob. "Look at what we have here," He stepped back and motioned to us all, "Rebels." He shot Bob, killing him. I made a quick move and shot Korse, and watched him fall to the ground.
The Dracs closed in on us, hundreds of them. It seemed as if the more we shot the more they multiplied. I got Bob's ray gun and shot with both to get the most Dracs at once. One grabbed Jamia's arm, and dragged her in.

I NEED HELP (please?)

Some of you may know I recently finished my fanfic 'The Ghost of You' : (this links all the way back to the intro :P)

I've started writing the sequel. It's Killjoy based (TEASER ALERT), and I can't go on without Killjoy names for the following:
Jen's son. (kind of a teaser there, too :P)

If you could come up with any or give me yours, I'd highly appreciate it. PLEASE HELP ME!

The Ghost of You Finale

here's the one before :D
The story's going to end, and I hope you all are happy with how it ends, I know I am. Thanks to everyone who read, I really appreciate it :)

The Ghost of You Part 21


*Mikey's P.O.V.*
It was about 4:30 in the morning, and I was getting ready for the wedding. Jen and I were getting married in a little church near the beach. It had windows all over so you could actually see the beach. I put on my tux, and took a good look in the mirror. I'm getting married today.

The Ghost of You Part 20 2/2

the first half of this :)
The last few paragraphs were written with one hand while my other arm was balancing ice on it :P Better be happy that when I get hurt I don't let it get to me :)

*Meg's P.O.V.*
The show was in half an hour. I looked around. SO. MANY. PEOPLE. My legs felt weak, and my knees gave in as I fell. Something caught me, I looked up to see Ray. "You doing okay?"
"Yeah, just a little nervous."
"Don't worry about it, when you get up there the fear goes away."
I smiled, "I hope so."
I heard a voice,

The Ghost of You Part 20 1/2

part 19:
I know what you're thinking, 1/2? Yeah, it hurts to type, long story short I pulled a muscle and can barely even type this without major pain :( So you read this, and I'll try to finish the rest of part 20 :)

The Ghost of You Part 20

*Ray's P.O.V.*
It was the day of the show. We were all nervous as fuck. I found Gerard, working on a comic, it was the one he showed us just a couple days before.
"Hey, Gerard.

The Ghost of You Part 19

the one before :)
This would've been finished and posted earlier, but I was at tumbling camp. I finished it as soon as i got home, not bothering to take a much needed nap. Hope you like it, even though I think this one's a little boring :P

The Ghost of You Part 19

*Jen's P.O.V.*
We met the wedding planner, and set up some days to meet up and get everything planned out. First thing was first, and we had to choose where and when to get married. We decided to get married on a beach and all, sometime next month.