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Lost In Time Ch. 4

Love you!

Lost In Time
Chapter Four

"Why would you just leave, Jade? I thought I could trust you more than that!" Charlie had found out that I left without him.
"One: David needed me. Two: Why do you even care? Shouldn't you trust me?"
"I know you well enough that you can easily screw thing up! Besides, why would David need you?"
"His friend committed suicide, and David needed someone to make him feel better. Can you imagine losing your best friend of ten years?" I pointed to myself.
Charlie muttered something under

How to spend IMCRD

Blast your ipod/cd super loud, grab a hair brush, and SING!!
Am I the only one who does that?
It's starting to become part of my daily routine.... lol. :)

Happy IMCR Day!

Happy International My Chemical Romance Day!
I don't have any shirts or sweaters or anything, and only one physical CD.
I'll just blare it in my room, anyways. :)
I'm hoping to maybe FINALLY start on some fan art today.
Well, I'm off to celebrate by myself like the loser I am!

Love you!

P.S. The pic is just something I randomly found... it's epic. :D

Lost In Time Ch. 3

WHAT'S THIS? Two chapters in ONE day! Mind-blowing... I know :)
Again, WAY too lazy to edit this :P
Hope you like!

Lost In Time
Chapter Three

I didn't like the idea of going to back into the real world, but I knew I had to. I sat in English with my friend, Dani. We were writing fictional stories, and I was telling her about yesterday. She was one of the few people I could trust.
Dani's eyes lit up once I started talking about David. She scooted closer, and went into a whisper, "Do you like him?"
I pushed her away, "I

Lost In Time Ch. 2

I was too lazy to edit this... please excuse any mistakes :)
First chapter :) !

Lost In Time
Chapter Two

I smiled at Charlie. He knew I really wanted this. I would always talk to him about how much I loved, and looked up to, Leonardo Da Vinci.
I looked down at my clothes, and at what charlie was wearing. Peasant clothes. I rolled my eyes, and grabbed Charlie's hand. I skipped him along the dirt road, and i saw a woman. I clammy went up to her, "Pardon me, madam. Would you happen to know Mr.

Miley Cyrus isn't all that bad......

Skip to 1:25 :) The little girl is so cute! You see, Miley isn't all that bad..

Lost In Time Ch. 1

This is not a fanfic. Love you! No intro to this story :)

Lost In Time
Chapter One

I was sitting on the couch with my best friend, Charlie. He had invited me over to watch a couple Harry Potter movies. He was always such a nerd.
The Prisoner Of Azkaban finished and Charlie's face lit up. He adjusted his glasses, "There's something I want to show you, Jade." He grinned.
Charlie led me to his basement, and turned on the light. There was a little machine on a small wooden table. He walked over to it and waved me over.
"I've figured out how to time travel."
I couldn't help but snicker.

Harry Potter & Stuff

I saw part 2 of Deathly Hallows yesterday (Didn't catch tickets to midnight premiere), and I loved it!
I've been a fan of HP since I was about three :P
I think I was three when the first movie came out, and the movies freaked me out. They still do, but I love that!!
Anyways, the Glee movie preview showed and I struggled to stay calm because it was SING. SING IN A MOVIE THEATRE.
I nearly murdered my popcorn!

Anyways, I started Algebra camp today. :/
It's really hard, but I think I may have made some friends!
It's always nice, because we help each other out. None of us know anything. :P



I won't be here tomorrow, as if any of you care.
I need to go pack for a little road trip to Schlitterbahn tomorrow. It'll be my 13th birthday!
Anyways, this blog is basically pointless.

Love you!

Happy Birthday Ray!!!

Happy Birthday Ray! :)

Love you!